How Do We Know Who We Are?

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There’s a website dedicated to IQ Option traders called This site aims to share the latest information regarding the broker as well as provide trading strategies that will help you become a better trader.

There are a variety of financial instruments available at IQ Option, including options, forex, commodities, and cryptocurrencies just to name a few. These instruments are risky and difficult to trade. As traders, however, we are interested in knowing what strategies work with a platform. Therefore, you will find many guides describing how we trade.

IQ Option also offers a variety of features, including 4 chart types and more than 70 different indicators. It is important to understand how some of these functions work before trading on the platform. For more information about these, visit is operated by an experienced team of online traders with broad expertise in several markets. While our company began as an options trading company, we’ve since diversified into other financial instruments. Do not hesitate to contact us if a particular instrument you are interested in is not included on our site. Our goal is to grow with you.

We are fulfilling our mission

We strive to be the leading source of educational information about the IQ Option platform. Topics included on the site include:

● When trading on IQ Option, you can use the following strategies

● IQ Option features and how to use them

● IQ Option: How to use the different indicators

● IQ Option introduces new features to its platform

●     Trading psychology and risk management

We value reader feedback

It gives us great pleasure to know that we have helped our readers become better traders. Let us know if you found something useful. The comments and emails you send to us are an indicator that we are on the right track. Additionally, they allow us to create better content that helps others become better traders.

Feedback is welcomed both positively and negatively. Keep it focused on IQ Option or the site content, however.

Educating yourself in trading

Developing you as a trader is our goal. Since we have performed trades in the past, our guides reflect this. We also stress the importance of explaining the factors that ensure the success of the trade. However, sometimes they may not work as expected. Therefore, we always recommend that you experiment with a given strategy on your IQ Option practice account first and confirm its effectiveness. Only when you’re certain it’s going to earn you money should you try it on a real account. Investing shouldn’t become a lost cause. This may happen, however. Because of that, you agree that we are not liable for any losses incurred by using any of the trading strategies we provide on this site. All educational resources are free of charge.

Stay tuned for the latest IQ Option news

IQ Option, like the markets, is constantly changing. Old features are being improved and new ones are being added. is one of the first online platforms to record these changes. Aside from that, we’re always publishing new content to help you become a more successful trader. Visit us often.