Polymer distributors and compounders


PolyVisions Inc. is the preferred plastic compounder for a multitude of industries. With our extensive formulatory expertise in materials science, we have turned polymers into solutions for our clients since 1986.

Obviously, synthetic polymers and plastics must be made by combining constituent molecules into larger forms with distinctive properties. The word polymer is derived from the Greek for “many parts.” This is what PolyVisions does–make polymers that are functional and integral to several industries.

You’ll find our products in a variety of products, from baby bottle nipples to roofing membranes, from undersea cables to frozen entrée plates. We are full-service plastic compounders, producing and manipulating the full range of polymer materials, including polypropylene, polyethylene, polyethylene terephthalate, nylon, thermoplastic elastomers, and polycarbonate, among others.

The polymerized materials used in food processing, food packaging, cable and wire, transportation, healthcare, and a number of other industries have been developed by PolyVisions. To solve the toughest thermoplastic materials issues, we formulate material solutions using reactive extrusion and polymer chemistry.

The mission of the BPF polymer-compounders.com Group is to foster and further enhance the polymer distribution and compounding industry throughout the UK, to both customers and suppliers. Its members are primarily involved in the distribution of plastic raw materials from manufacturers as well as the compounding of their own products.

The five plastic resins we offer are:ealPET and DuraPET. Each of these polymerized materials has been conceived, developed and engineered to conform to a host of specifications and standards. You can learn more about the properties and benefits of each of these compounded plastics in the Products section of PolyVisions.com. Nevertheless, our products are not a one-size-fits-all type of plastic. In order to maximize your company’s benefit, our exciting technologies are tailored directly to the needs and demands of your industry.

In Manchester, Pennsylvania, PolyVisions Inc. has a dedicated 22,000-square-foot facility that serves the world. We are a proud wholly-owned subsidiary of Bemis Associates Inc., a company that helps your business grow.

Are you looking for plastic compounders for your company? It’s easy to get started on the road to a solution. Simply submit a brief about your project via our easy-to-navigate Contact page here on PolyVisions.com, and we’ll get started.

Get in touch with us via Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, and Pinterest. We are also available by phone, at 717-266-3031. Our solutions are delivered quickly, and our customer service is world-class. Every step of the way, PolyVisions will be your expert plastic compounders.

The benefits of membership

Group’s main goals:

●      In order to maintain the Group’s leadership position in polymer distribution and compounding

●      To promote the use of plastics and to raise awareness of their applications

●      In support of the important ‘supply partnership’ principle

●      A supply chain that is ‘seamless’ between polymer producers and end users

●      To promote the wide availability of technical support for the processing sector

●      Market development opportunities must be actively encouraged and assisted

●  We must continue to focus on this sector’s potential benefits and added value

The Group participates actively in:

●      Promotion of plastics in UK product design and manufacture with consideration for a range of sales, marketing, and communications media with the aim to manage rising costs, including energy and regulation, and their impact on business and supply chains

●      Management of the reputation of chemicals, additives, and plastics materials throughout their lifecycle

●      Risk management in the credit industry

●      regulation

●      Identifying market share of polymer products in the UK and Republic of Ireland

●      Benchmarking transportation, warehousing, and logistics costs

●  Providing support for the ongoing development and delivery of sound health and safety practices and policies

A searchable directory of BPF members

You can download the BPF Members Directory (containing information on over 100 different machine types, by supplier) HERE and view it online below…