Selin Sakarcan – Why Should Women Golfers Add Squats to Their Workout Regime?


If you see women playing golf, you will find they have a very strong lower body. Their lower bodies should be strong enough to make a powerful swing, but have you ever wondered what gives them this strength? The answer to this question is squats.

Selin Sakarcan is an esteemed podiatric physician from the USA who is fond of sports. She is an athlete herself and regularly runs in marathons. Besides the above, she is also a popular feet and ankle surgeon.

According to her, if you examine women golfers, they have a very strong lower body thanks to them doing squats regularly. The exercise is simple for you to do anywhere, and for this, you do not have to take a gym membership. You should stand up and attempt to squat as low as possible and stand up again. You can feel the effort of your muscles when you do this exercise.

Squats give you strength and power

You can check your posture and mime a golf swing; you will find that it is exactly the same movement. In both of these postures, you have experienced the work of your glutes, hip flexors, and quads. They all work hard together to stabilize the body. In any golf swing, a woman must have a stable and strong lower body, as this is important for maintaining her posture for getting the body power she needs for the golf swing.

When you regularly add squats to your workout regime, you give strength to the above muscles. At the same time, you are able to perform when tired, like, for instance, swinging a club for 18 holes in golf. With practiced technique and added weight, you can improve strength and trust in the ability of your body to perform under any circumstance. If you play golf, this indeed is a winning formula on the course.

Master high to low movements

You begin the swing in golf standing up; however, as you come to the downswing, you need to lower the body to get the head of the club to the ball. Doing the squat actually mimes this high to low movement, and when you practice it regularly, you actually make it perfect.

In order to make the squat more effective, you can add weight to it. This boosts your confidence, especially when you are in a competition. It trains the body to function under load and stress. When you are able to squat with added weight, you will understand how the body moves through the swing even under a high-pressure situation.

According to Selin Sakarcan, players are advised to use the ground to generate power in their swing in golf. When you are doing squats, you are actually doing the same thing. As you push yourself down, while lifting the body up, you are pushing against the ground to get the power you need to stand up. Squats are an excellent way for you to master this technique and excel at the golf course over time.