Things to Consider While Selecting Clip-in Hair Extensions


Hair extensions have been the most exciting talk of the town, helping numerous women get their desired length and style. With 34% of women leveraging hair extensions as an essential aspect of their daily routine, those have become one of the core products to dominate the beauty trends. 

Clip in extensions are the most effortless addition to get longer, voluminous hair. Get your hair in any length, color, and style without worrying about it getting damaged. Clip-ins are also much faster to apply than other attachments.

The article discusses a few things to consider before choosing the products.

Know Your Hair Type

There are various hair types – straight, curly, wavy, etc. Before you get your hands on clip-ins, it’s crucial that you know your hairstyle and choose the best product accordingly. These extensions help you get voluminous locks and are ideal for women struggling with thin and fine hair. 

Keep a Check on the Weight of the Products 

Since these items come in different weights, considering them is crucial while buying. The amount of your hair influences the appropriate extension that you should buy for your hair. For both thick and thin hair, you need to choose the weight that will blend into your hair. It is essential not to go for cumbersome attachments, which are likely to put tremendous stress on your scalp. 

Define the Hair Length 

When considering extensions, length is also an essential factor to keep in mind. You may want to go for a length exceptionally longer than your hair, but this can result in an imbalance that will look unnatural. Adding up to 2-4 inches to your natural strands is advisable, as it’ll give a subtle boost to your length without looking out of proportion.

Understand the Different Types 

There are two main types of extensions in the market: synthetic and real. Synthetic ones are made of plastic fibers or other synthetic materials, whereas Real hair extensions are made of 100% natural human hair. You can style them up in any way. However, they need to be maintained well to avoid any frizz. 

Synthetic hair, on the other aspect, is made up of polymers and nylon that are susceptible to damage from heat and chemicals and are limited to pre-styled options. Always keep a check on the type of hair attachments before you decide to purchase one. 

Choose the Color Properly

The color is as important as the length and quality of the extensions. Before buying the products, you should be mindful of your original strand color. The extension should be close to your strand color to blend seamlessly and compliment your overall look on a busy office day or a formal occasion. Ladies could go for black, natural blonde, brown, dark and light brown for a regular look.

You can also go for funky colors that pop out and make you stand apart at a party! For funky colors, ladies must choose blue, ice blue, pink, purple, Roxbury red, Hollywood Bronzed brunette, Platinum and Strawberry blonde. 

Wrapping Up

Make sure to keep all the considerations mentioned above before you get your hands on the best clip-in extensions. Quality items won’t cause any damage or pain and should be budget-friendly. 

This is precisely why you should research these products comprehensively and know their quality, price, reviews, and other essential details to hunt for the best product from an authentic online store.