Essential Steps for Overheating Phone-Tips By iPhone Repair Services


You must be a smartphone user and often wonder why your phone is so hot. Or maybe you are wondering why your mobile phone is not cooling down. Well, don’t worry because gadgets usually tend to do this. Besides, there are many reasons behind the overheating of your phone. According to the Mobile Phone Repair Southend On Sea, playing too many video games and using different applications can be the reason for overheating your device.  If you are looking for a solution to this problem, this article is for you because many people are aware of this problem but don’t have any idea how to resolve these issues, so let’s move on without further ado. 

Reduce Your Brightness

Did you know setting the high brightness of the mobile phone is the foremost reason for overheating? Besides, many people don’t believe in this statement, but the reality is hugely different. Turning on the location, WIFI, and Bluetooth impact the phone’s temperature. Therefore, the experts at the Mobile Phone Repair Southend On Sea suggest their customers keep the brightness low of their phones so that they can save your phone from overheating problems. 

Use Authentic Charger

If you habitually use an incompatible phone charger with your smartphone, you must leave this habit as soon as possible. You should always use the same chargers that are designed for your smartphones. The reason is that according to the brand, every charger has different energy watts. Therefore, you must purchase the charge that the manufacturers made. However, using third-party chargers can cause the overheating of your device. Recent studies show that different cables have different wattages, and they are optimized for specific models. 

Manage the Apps

Many people download 50+ applications on their mobile devices but rarely use such applications. The unnecessary applications in your phone increase the storage; sometimes, these apps keep running in the background. This is the primary reason why your phone overheats so quickly. Therefore, you should focus on the suggestions of the Mobile Phone Repair Southend On Sea, which advises their customers to delete all unnecessary apps and save their devices from overheating. Besides, cleaning the bugs and extra files can also be the reason for the device’s overheating. 

Avoid to Use Your Phone Under Sunlight 

Your mobile phone is already bearing a lot of heat because of the excess use, so it would be better to follow some precautions for saving your phone. If you use your phone in the sunlight, you should avoid this habit immediately. This process will increase the heat of your phone, and it will damage its components ultimately. Therefore, iPhone repair services experts suggest customers avoid using their phones under the sunlight. 

Leave the Idea of Putting the Overheated Phone in an Extreme Cold Place. 

People often make a big mistake when they put their overheated mobile phone in a refrigerator or an extremely cold place. It doesn’t matter if you are using iPhone or Android; you must use your phone under 32 degrees of Fahrenheit because your smartphone can tolerate a minimum amount of heat. If you keep your phone in the fridge, the cold will melt the components, and your device will be further damaged. Also, this process can damage your complete device. However, the experts at the Gadget Magic UK Mobile Phone Repair Southend On Sea suggest their customers set the temperature of their device. Furthermore, setting the phone’s temperature can save you from many problems. But if you are still experiencing the same problem repeatedly, there must be a problem with your phone’s battery that will lead you to the

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