Why Direct Mailers Should Get on Board with Informed Delivery

Informed Delivery usps tracking service receives an email

Why Direct Mailers Should Get on Board with Informed Delivery

 If you could send direct advertising to potential customers expecting that more than 2-3rd of them will probably look at it, would you do it? 

That’s just some compelling business case to make Informed Delivery a part of your direct mail marketing strategy. 

What is Informed Delivery? 

Informed Delivery is a free service offered by USPS that allows customers to see what’s about to come in their mailbox and manage the delivery of packages. Each day, people who sign up for this Informed Delivery usps tracking service receives an email with scanned images of incoming mail. These images can also be accessed through a mobile application or online dashboard. 

For instance, if someone is waiting for an important document for a bill, they are constantly worrying about a valuable mailpiece or package being stolen. Informed Delivery will tell them when to expect it, so they can take action. 

Recipients love Informed Delivery Service 

According to a USPS Informed Delivery User Survey, 93% of users are satisfied with Informed Delivery. 94% recommend the service to the other, increasing by 77% in 2019. 

Data provided by the USPS in February shows a 6-month average 69% email open rate. 

How high is that email open rate? 

The average open rate for all types of marketing mail in 2020 was only 18%. 

Why is that high? 

73% of Informed Delivery users check their physical mailbox daily, 87% said they are almost the primary household member who retrieves the direct mail. 

The statistics here means that USPS Informed Delivery mail users don’t just look forward to checking the mailbox and going through their mail, but also want to know what they are about to receive. Informed Delivery is built on that contemplation. 

Direct Mail Marketing Opportunities using Informed Delivery 

Informed Delivery enables businesses to capitalise on high user engagement and satisfaction by creating an additional strategy for their mail and combining digital and direct mail into omnichannel marketing campaigns. This results in more impressions, more interactions, greater awareness and brand recall, and high response rates. 

Direct mail marketers use Informed Delivery to get a black-and-white digital image of their mailing in front of the audience before they receive the physical copy. They can also mention a clear CTA in the email to make the recipient come to their website and other digital content.

 According to the USPS, the average CTR (click-through-rate) for Informed Delivery campaigns is 7-8%. This dwarfs the CTR of all marketing emails in all industries, which resulted in just 2.6% average. 

It provides businesses with valuable pre-and post-campaign analytics, including: 

●      Email density Statistics: The percentage of users who wish to receive Informed Delivery mails. 

●      Email open rates: The percentage of emails opened for each mail campaign. 

●      Click-through rates: The percentage of users who click the image to access digital content as part of their usps mail Informed Delivery interactive campaign

How Informed Delivery provides value to consumers? 

The USPS sees Informed Delivery as a major step towards bridging the gap between the instant convenience of the digital world and the tactile experience of a physical direct mail piece. 

With banking, shopping, and many other routines controlled through digital platforms, it creates a space for mail which even some digital native customers appreciate. 

Now, customers can get an advanced notice from any location with internet connectivity – be it for bills, personal letters, election ballots, legal documents, and other meaningful mailpieces. It creates anticipation and provides peace of mind to consumers, especially if done correctly. 

And the instant delivery notification, if sent out nationwide – will result in increased importance. 

Reasons Why Direct Mailers should use Informed Delivery 

The ability of mailers and marketers to seamlessly integrate digital media with direct mail campaigns is an enough reason to take advantage of Informed Delivery, but there are several benefits for marketers who use Informed Delivery campaigns:

  1. The average email open rate for Informed Delivery users is 63 percent. That’s 3 times the average open rate for email campaigns. 
  2. Multiple people within the household can be registered to receive Informed Delivery emails. This results in more impressions and increases the overall reach of the sent campaign. 
  3. The interactive content of our postal service Informed Delivery helps in driving the expected customer response. With Informed Delivery, your reader will no longer need the physical mail to redeem the offer or renew subscription. 
  4. Informed Delivery creates multiple strategies for your brand without requiring a specific email address. If addresses on your mailing list have registered ID users, your mail campaign will appear in their email and then physical mailbox. 
  5. More touchpoints, increased impression count, and engaging digital content – all these aspects increase the potential for a higher ROI on your direct mail marketing spent. 
  6. After you conclude an Informed Delivery campaign, you can view and analyse insights from your campaign. Reports include the number of emails sent, opened, and the click-through rates. 

Final Thoughts  

Informed Delivery by usps is a sure shot way to increase the mail moment for your recipients. It’s all built on data, mailers have many production elements and reporting options to choose from at any point along one of these integrated campaigns. 

Giving your audience a preview of your message before they even receive it physically offers marketers a powerful new opportunity to reach a target audience with a vivid, memorable, and tangible printed direct mail campaign. 

The best part? Till yet, it is free. That alone makes it worth testing. In the world of sending late emails marketers, be a direct mailer who tries everything first and give this informed delivery service by USPS a go! 

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