10 Backsplash Ideas for the Ultimate Glow Up in Your Kitchen

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Your kitchen is a place where you spend most of your time. Designing your kitchen involves decision-making and choosing suitable floor tiles to wallpapers for kitchen walls. You must coordinate well with colors and contrast to give an aesthetic look to your kitchen walls and floors. In doing so, opt for high-quality and attractive backsplash tiles to refresh your kitchen. 

Working in the kitchen during summer can be humid and tiring. However, you can soothe and relax while chopping vegies by having top-notch tiles or luxury vinyl tile flooring around you. 

What are Backsplash Tiles?

Backsplash tiles, either in small patches or extended sheets, fit on the kitchen or bathroom surface. Usually, a person uses them to fill the gap and make the kitchen’s walls more sophisticated and pleasant. Moreover, backsplash tiles add color, texture, and patterns to your blank walls. Hence, working in a kitchen can no longer be tiring, especially with those tile-glazed walls around you. 

You can bring colors and texture to the most trafficked room of your house. Backsplash tiles are available in a variety of materials. Hence, you can shop for glass tiles, ceramic, porcelain, or marble. 

10 Backsplash Ideas for Your Kitchen

Evaluate your kitchen space before buying backsplash tiles. Various backsplash tiles are available; however, choose the right one that brings an ultimate glow to your kitchen. Whether looking for marble tiles for your rustic floor kitchen or glass tiles for the contemporary ones, backsplash tiles can easily uplift your kitchen space. 

Choose the right tile for your kitchen space with the best available options available. 

Marble look-alike tiles 

It is an effortless way to bring contrast and brilliance to your kitchen space. With its impressive designs and exotic texture, you can fill empty spaces in your kitchen walls and floor. Backsplash tiles offer porcelain glazed tiles that simulate marble tiles. Therefore, you can opt for porcelain instead of buying expensive marble tiles. 

It will add gloss and shine to your kitchen surface. Hence, choosing these marble look-alike tiles can bring an ethereal look to your kitchen space. 

Mosaic tiles

Mosaic tile is another elegant way of bringing glow and sparkle to your gray kitchen. For mosaic tiles, different styles and patterns add up to showcase a mesmerizing effect. Excellent material options are available to build these superior-quality tiles. Hence, upscale your kitchen interior and design with this kitchen backsplash tile.

Choose ceramic, porcelain, or natural stone mosaic tiles to add allure to your interior. With this extensive range of customization, you can have mosaic tiles to give a refreshing touch to the kitchen. 

Porcelain and Ceramic tiles

Porcelain is an excellent option if one is looking for durability. It is stable even at high temperatures and suitable for regions bearing high foot traffic. Moreover, it is an amalgam of feldspar, clay, and sand. 

Due to its water-resistant capacity, it is an excellent option for embellishing your outdoor space. 

For porcelain tiles, you have different designs and color scheme options. Therefore, determine your home interior before choosing backsplash tile. 

Ceramic tiles are another excellent option for adding texture and colors to your kitchen walls. These serve as an excellent alternative for indoor tiles. You can choose from pastel to bold colors when designing your kitchen’s interior. 

Combining Green and Copper tone

Playing with contrast is a stylish way of designing your kitchen space. Putting green and copper tiles will give a refreshing feel. It is a deviation from the usual kitchen color scheme. This way, to add a refreshing summer feel, glaze your kitchen with green tiles contrasting it with copper kitchenware.

Sheet glass

Sheet glass is a durable material for changing your kitchen interior. It readily absorbs water without chemically destroying its structure. Moreover, this popular sheet glass is easy to maintain and clean. Therefore, choose your favorite one among its wide range of colors and schemes. 

Mirrored tiles 

Mirrored tiles add extra light and glow to your kitchen. Covering the gaps in your kitchen walls with mirror tiles brings elegance. It primarily works efficiently in a windowless kitchen. Therefore, a reflection of light rays provides extra brilliance to your gray kitchen wall. 

You can mesmerize home visitors with these eye-catching designs that simulate your disco ball. Therefore, maximize light in your kitchen region by having these attractive mirror tiles. 

Subway tiles

If you want to design your kitchen with a rusty countryside look, go for subway tiles. Whether choosing ceramic or stone tiles, subway tiles give a tint of creativity to your kitchen walls. Moreover, to bring more creativity, mix it with different colors and designs. Subway tiles come in a variety of sizes and colors. Therefore, choose the one that fits the most. 

Patterned tiles

Adding a little pattern to your tiles doesn’t hurt anyone. For some, patterns can be annoying, while for others, these patterns can be priorities. Therefore, you can choose desirable patterns for your kitchen space depending on your preference. Such tiles, from zigzags to triangular patterns, come in distinct designs to grab visitors’ attention. 

Wooden tiles

These are the most preferred option for those wanting a rustic aesthetic. Choosing wooden tiles can bring ambiance and elegance to your kitchen wall. However, these tiles require high maintenance as it loses texture and strength by absorbing water. 

Capri-Esque tiles

These tiles appear in a wave-like pattern. The deep blue color with waves can bring a refreshing touch to your kitchen walls. Moreover, the designer is inspired by an island; hence, it gets its name from that. Additionally, this artistic design can go well with your contemporary home interior. 


Designing your kitchen’s interior can be tiring as it requires great effort. Due to the high traffic area, one must seek professional recommendation in this regard. As a result, the backsplash tiles offer numerous designs and color schemes. You can use your wild imagination to mix color schemes differently. 

You can be a designer of your kitchen. Select these excellent backsplash tiles to bring glow, color, ambiance, and elegance to your kitchen.