10 Ways To Manufacture Different Sized Takeaway Food Boxes

Food Boxes

Caring about food safety and presentation is necessary for food businesses to attract customers. Doing it for the takeaways and home deliveries is more challenging. Takeaway food boxes come handily to meet all these needs with their functionality and appealing looks. A food business can get them customized according to their products. Food-grade cardboard and bux board materials keep food safe from contamination, dust, and influence factors.

On the other hand, adding custom options makes them an appealing packaging solution. Some popular options in this regard are embossing, foiling, gluing, scoring and perforation. Similarly, custom printing for these boxes also benefits in getting a distinctive box design for uniqueness from rivals. Adding an external handle or crafting from the same packaging material both are options for food businesses. The use of finishes over the printed surface appeals to the packaging look. 

Food businesses with a takeaway business model require working more on leaving an impression for customer retention. People always do a takeaway while they are in a hurry to their home, office, or any picnic destination. Moreover, every one of them needs food in different quantities. Takeaway food boxes fulfill all these requirements as manufacturing them in any desired size is easy. There are multiple ways you can simulate the different-sized boxes focusing on customer ease and alluring presentation. Here are 10 such ways discussed below. 

Takeaway food boxes with inserts:

Utilizing the internal space with its full potential is necessary to gain the full advantage of food boxesPeople often order multiple items for traditional meals or snacks. The use of multiple small size boxes for all products is not a smart move. Ultimately, it could finish your packaging stock rapidly. Therefore, manufacture the inserts as well along the boxes. Design these inserts according to the measurements of the box. Placing these inserts will allow you to create compartments and deliver multiple food items in a single box.

Product-specific design optimization:

A single food item from different food brands is of varying size, weight, and looks. So, never go for the readymade food box packaging as it might not fit your items properly. A loose box will cost extra, while congested packaging will ruin the display and charm of eatables. Instead, manufacture your box after taking the measurements of your items. Consider their weight, size, and dimensions. Such an accurately designed box will cost less and look more engaging to customers. 

Transformable box with scoring addition:

A considerable portion of food boxes in the UK is produced for takeaways that people do for a picnic. Food lovers want to spend some quality time over their favorite destinations to make their holiday joyful. Food is an essential element in this regard. But, carrying the crockery along is just a way to ruin the trip. So, manufacture the boxes that people could transform into plates and consume food directly from them. You can do so by adding the scoring options that people could perform to transform packaging for this purpose. It will also promote the reusability concept.

Edible takeaway food boxes:

Have you ever thought of eating the packaging along with the food items? It will be a whole lot of fun if it becomes possible. Luckily, you can make it possible by using edible materials for manufacturing custom food boxes. Such packaging is made of agricultural residues that otherwise could go to waste. Some common residuals used in this regard could be rice straw, banana stems, and leaves from sugarcane. People would love and admire such eatable packaging. Moreover, manufacturing them in any desired size is not a big deal.

Boxes with a sleeve style unboxing:

Imagine the craze of people while taking the food items out of the packaging in a way that even makes them mouthwatering. A stylish unboxing is an inevitable factor in the packaging for food & beverages. So, consider manufacturing an internal tray for holding the food item and a sleeve sliding over the tray. People would love such a phenomenal solution, and it would even bring ease for them to take the eatables out with ease. But, on the other hand, the safety of food items is also ensured in such a design. 

Round shaped food packaging:

Traditionally, there is a dominance of the square-shaped food boxes with edges. However, you would see quite fewer food items in a square shape. Most of the food items are in a round shape. Pizza, pies, cakes, burgers, doughnuts, and several other items are common examples in this regard. So, why stay limited to the old-style box and not try the round packaging. Manufacturing them in a round shape will also save the packaging costs because of the less material consumption factor. In addition, there would be no further empty space from the corners that are of no use. 

Add value with window addition:

Some value addition in the food box packaging for takeaways could be a game-changer in customer retention. On the other hand, exposing the aesthetics of food items is also necessary. You can achieve both of these goals by adding a window in the front wall or over the top lid. These die-cut windows provide buyers with an opportunity to see the inside items. Also, this phenomenon would inspire them and keep their curiosity alive for inside food. 

Double-wall boxes for lifting more weight:

An added protection in packaging is a plus point for food brands. Taking additional precautions raises the brand image as well. It has been seen that the use of secure food boxes in the UK is the key to winning a loyal customer base in a short time. Manufacturing the boxes using double-wall corrugated cardboard is perfect to make it happen. Therefore, the enhanced durability and resistance level of the base would allow putting heavier items like cakes and pies in them. 

Manufacture single sheet boxes:

All professional entities with a strong name in the market never compromise over some primary factors. Promoting eco-friendly practices is one of those factors. For example, manufacturing custom food boxes with a single sheet of cardboard is a true hack. Packaging firms have no limitation in the size of sheets because of their in-house production plants. So, a large sheet of cardboard or bux board will allow getting them in the desired size. Similarly, manufacturing the box with a single sheet does not require the use of adhesives to join the ends. 

Foil boxes internally for no leakage:

Most food items are oily, and using cheap packaging is not a good idea for such food & beverages. They could put buyers doing takeaways in trouble by the smudges caused over their wearable or car seats. So, consider foiling the packaging internally to avoid this problem. Aluminum foiling on the inner side will make boxes leak-proof. A food brand can use such a box for any fast food item or a traditional meal available at the restaurants. 

These ways to manufacture the takeaway food boxes are perfect for any desired size. Moreover, adopting these techniques will also make these boxes look engaging. A classy design created by using these tactics will make it easy to engage buyers. As a result, they would have a memorable experience for the takeaway of their favorite food item.