4 stalls you can arrange in a funfair


One of the most celebrated public events is funfairs or carnivals. Carnivals have delightful and delicious treats, amazing games and activities, and thrilling rides for people of all age groups. If you are planning to arrange a funfair or participate in one, the following stall ideas can help you keep the audience entertained: 

The foodie’s zone

Every individual would be looking forward to sweet and savory food options to satisfy their taste buds in an amusing carnival. You can set up a stall offering snacks like popcorn, cotton candy, and hot dogs. You can add healthy options like fruit skewers dipped in chocolate coating or juicy snow cones. 

Having a food stall set up would attract the audience and ultimately your sales would be higher than the rest of the stalls. Your stall would not only satiate the hunger but also evoke a sense of excitement amongst the audience. With each bite of flavor and texture, your stall can be an unforgettable experience at the funfair. 

The photo booth

Setting up a photo booth can be a point of attraction for your audience because even in the smart world people prefer to get an instant photo with their loved ones. It is a source of keeping their memories alive through capturing beautiful moments in the form of pictures. 

You can set up a fun photo booth with colorful backdrops, silly props like oversized hats and mustaches, and instant photo printing. The participants can capture the unforgettable moments in a fun and whimsical manner. It provides them with entertainment and the opportunity to take the treasure of memories home.  

With the setup of a photo booth, you can add vibrant energy and boundless creativity to the event. Your stall will add a delightful touch to any funfair, ensuring smiles and laughter abound among visitors of all ages. 

The temporary tattoo hut

With its vibrant energy and boundless creativity, the Photo Finish Frenzy stall adds a delightful touch to any funfair, ensuring smiles and laughter abound among visitors. You can add colors and vibrant banners to your stall to make it more eye-catching and interesting for the participants. 

The appeal of the temporary tattoo hut lies not only in the novelty of its offerings but it also gives an opportunity to the people for self-expression and creativity. You can offer various designs and colors of ink for tattoos to the visitors. 

The drinks dam

At the carnivals, the drink dam stalls stand tall because visitors look forward to a refreshing break with drinks. If you set up a stall of colorful stall for liquid happiness it can be thirst quenching for the participants. It can also be a gathering spot for them if you put up an offer for a group of people. 

Among your offerings, flavored whiskey sales can add an extra kick to the stall, attracting those looking for a spirited indulgence. You can bring joy with each sip of your refreshing fruit punches, classic sodas, or customized blends.