5 Content Promotion Techniques To Generate Traffic


You’ve heard this phrase, “Content is the King!” is the only way to keep your audience engaged. Today content decides your online growth and you need to create unique, relevant, and relatable content.

This gave rise to content marketing for promoting various content on different platforms. It may be short-form or long-form content. But in the end, the urge is to drive the audience to increase traffic on the site or landing page.

If you are consistently creating content and unable to promote it in a better way, then the digital marketing agency in Delhi is here bringing you the 5 content promotion techniques to generate traffic.

  1. Embrace Video Marketing:

Videos are effective in today’s time irrespective of the platform. Especially short videos are more consumed among the wider audience across the world. So, it is recommended to make short videos to reach a wider target audience.

Make use of effective keywords in the video and do state actionable words, which will make the audience take some actions. So leveraging the video content will gain traffic.

2. Join Groups and Forums:

Social media is used to socialize with people, connect with people, and leverage the positives of it. If you join the groups on platforms like Facebook and Linkedin. Then you can reach more people in the industry.

Be active and have discussions that will help you to know the right direction to drive conversions and traffic. Also, you will get to know the insights of your industry, audience, and implement this knowledge in your promotion techniques.

Even you can create groups and reach the target audience easily. And create a group with your target audience, it has the highest possibility of taking action because they are active in the group with interest. Share your content on the platform with a short description and CTA. This will help you increase traffic.

3. Guest Blogging and Techniques:

Blogs are long-form content that is widely used by most businesses, start-ups, etc. to educate the audience about their industry and related topics. You can use the blogs to generate traffic on the website. Many websites have a separate section for blogging. You can create one for your website.

For guest posting, you need a proper tool for competitive keyword research and analyzing competitors. This is where a list of free proxy servers can come in clutch. They can help you perform competitor analysis without the competitors catching wind of what you are up to.

However, to grab a wider audience apart from your range (target audience) who are not aware of your business. Then guest blogging is the right way to reach a wider audience, you can consistently blog for the platforms like Medium, WordPress, etc. But, you need to research the right keywords to improve the rankings and interlink them with your website.

If you are unable to do so, then you can reach the agency for their service, such as SEO services in Delhi. Where you get solutions for all your needs and problems.

4. Influencer:

Influencer marketing and influencers are dominating the different channels on the internet. From blogging to social media platforms, even you get a precise influencer dominating the particular social media platform. So, to promote your content on the different channels you can market through influencers and drive more traffic.

No worries about the budget! You get different ranges of influencers from nano to macro with varied followers and average engagement numbers. Many brands and businesses prefer to reach nano influencers and micro-influencers because they have high engagements (not comparatively to macro) and audiences are more active.

Thus, the social marketing agency in Delhi recommends you find the best suitable influencer for your business if you are trying to promote the content through influencer marketing.

Bonus tip:  Make use of influencer marketing software for filtered selection of influencers and track the content engagement.

5. Paid Advertising:

Earlier, paid advertising was overlooked due to some myths and budget constraints. But nowadays, from small businesses to start-ups, everyone promotes their content through paid advertising on varied channels such as SERP paid ads, social media ads, Google ads, etc.

You can leverage paid advertising by keeping aside the budget for it and promote your content on the next level by using strong CTA and strong content copy. Thus, the digital marketing agency in Delhi thinks that paid advertising is one of the strongest techniques to promote content.

Final words:

These are the 5 strategies or techniques you can use to promote the content and generate traffic on your landing page or website. The digital marketing agency in Delhi hopes that this blog has helped to find the best possible technique to generate or increase traffic.