5 Reasons to Consider an Applicant Tracking System for Your Job Postings


Is your business upscaling? Do you need to hire more employees to manage the workload? If so, the first thing you should care about is to build an applicant tracking system to ensure a smooth and consistent supply of a talented workforce.  

You may have heard about it, an applicant tracking system can be advantageous. Instead of entirely relying on your human resource manager, you can acquire the latest technologies to enhance the recruitment process and expedite hiring.

Of course, we are not saying you can recruit employees without HR using an applicant tracking system. But it can take the workload off their backs and speed up the hiring process.

However, if you’re still confused about whether you’d like to invest in an ATS, leave it to us because this article will provide all the information you need.

Importance of Having an Applicant Tracking System

If you have been in the business for some time now, then you already know the importance of an ATS and how its popularity is growing exponentially. An applicant tracking system is cost-effective and doesn’t just take the load off your human resource manager’s back.

Gone are the days when HR departments spent nights and days reviewing resumes and cover letters on various fronts. Instead, an ATS is a recruiting tool that allows you to find candidates from multiple sources and funnel all the incoming job applications into a central platform.

Depending on which applicant tracking system you purchase, it should be able to ensure quality hiring, boost your profits, and make the entire process seamless.

A top applicant tracking system that you can invest in, such as Logic Melon’s, should offer CV search and cloud backup, and various other features that make it worth buying. The selling point of this or any other recruiting software is that it allows you to make job posts on multiple platforms in just one click.

There are various other recruiting software you can check out once you find our reasons tempting enough to purchase.

5 Reasons to Consider an Applicant Tracking System

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So, if you’re still contemplating purchasing an applicant tracking system, let’s dig deeper into why you should.

  1. Major Multinational Companies Do It

According to a report, more than 95% of Fortune 500 companies use ATS to streamline their recruiting process before an HR manager gets their hands on the resumes. Not to mention, following this practice, small and mid-sized enterprises are also recruiting tracking systems to improvise their hiring.

And it is not difficult to understand why companies are doing this. Just imagine you initiate a job post on numerous platforms and are loaded with thousands of applications. How will you know which resumes are worth looking at?

An ATS will find suitable resumes for you and ensure you don’t miss out on a worthy candidate.

  1. Central Platform for all Recruitment Channels

This is relative to something we mentioned earlier; with an ATS, you can post about a job offer across numerous platforms and funnel all the incoming applications into a central platform. But, again, this is highly beneficial for the company since it allows you to attract more candidates without investing too much time.

Once you integrate all the job boards into a centralized platform, you will not have to go through every page and collect resumes one by one. Instead, all the applications will pool in a single portal, and you can take it from there.

  1. Applicants Are Getting the Hang of It

One argument that people often give against using an applicant tracking system is that this software is automated and works based on an algorithm of keywords. This can make some worthy resumes slip through the cracks, which is not beneficial for the recruits and recruiters both.

But you should know that since major multinational companies are adopting ATS, applicants are also getting the hang of it. Most people who apply for the job now ensure their resumes and CVs are recruitment software friendly and are optimized well to be noticed by the ATS.

  1. It Will Save You Time

One of the most significant benefits of using recruitment tracking software is that it saves time and resources.

If you have worked in an HR department or have gone through the hiring process, you must know how time taking it is. Creating a job opportunity, posting it on several online platforms, and then going through hundreds or thousands of resumes takes a lot of time, effort, and focus.

Most of the time, huge companies miss the opportunity of hiring worthy candidates because their resumes need to be noticed due to the plethora of applications. So, this is where an ATS will come in handy. It allows you to go through selective resumes that match your requirements.

Moreover, HR departments don’t have to spend sleepless nights going over countless applications to find one suitable candidate.

  1. Higher Chances of Applicants Completing the Entire Process

Did you know that most job seekers abandon their search during the resume submission process due to its complicated nature? Research shows they do, which is why an ATS system compels them not to.

Most recruitment software is already mobile-friendly. They make the application submission process seamless. That is why if you invest in an ATS, most applicants will complete their submissions and won’t abandon them halfway. This way, you will have a pool of worthy candidates.

Final Verdict

Hiring the best candidate for your company is a massive responsibility. Of course, every recruiter wants the best candidate on board, but to do that requires a lot of time and effort that is challenging to allocate for a firm regardless of its scale.

This is where an applicant tracking system will do the trick for you. It will not only create job posts online on a variety of platforms. But it will funnel all the suitable applications in one place. So this type of software is effective in saving time and money.

We hope we have given you enough reasons to invest in an applicant tracking system and see how it makes the hiring process smooth and convenient for your team.