5 Unique Advantages of Live Bottom Trailers

5 Unique Advantages of Live Bottom Trailers

Live bottom trailers have been shaking up the world of transport. For years dump trucks have been the trusted method of transporting loads like asphalt or snow to new locations.

Instead of lifting the back of the truck to unload it, live bottom trailers use conveyor belts to get the job done. This method creates an even spread for your materials, giving you more control when doing precision work, like laying down asphalt. They have many advantages over tandem dump trucks.

  1. Live Bottom Trailers Are Safer Than Dump Trucks

Since you do not lift the back of the truck when using live bottom trailers, there is less risk of the trailer tipping over or something breaking when you unload. When using a conveyor belt, everything stays level, so you do not have to worry about any goods or parts being damaged. It is also easier to move around in rough areas with uneven terrain and other obstacles. There is no risk of hitting a tree or power line, and everything is unloaded in a controlled way.

  1. They Are Way More Convenient

One of the best features of live bottom trailers is how the tub empties clean. They unload in a smooth, controlled way, allowing for versatile hauling from troutriverindustries. You can transport delicate items like food products or other fine materials with a lot more control. Because the conveyor belt does the work, there is much less residue and detritus on the bottom, making cleaning easier.

  1. More Precision when Dumping Loads

Because of their slow and steady pace, you can empty partial loads across many locations, with the reduced speed giving you the capability to be precise with your spread.

A tandem dump truck lifts and empties the contents. When you are dealing with dense materials like heavy rocks or rubber tires dumping the haul in this way makes sense, but dump trucks are not perfect for every circumstance.

  1. Live Bottom Trailers Are a Much Smoother Ride

Whether you are cruising down the highway or dealing with tight streets and worksites, the lower center of gravity in this trailer will be noticeable. You will find that it is a smoother ride, and you have a lot more control over the vehicle, making it safer to transport and unload your haul.

  1. Lower Insurance Costs

The main reason the insurance costs are less is that live bottom trailers are safer. Because they do not lift anything, they reduce the chance of rollover and the risk of accidents when unloading.

Since dumping the haul is now a controlled experience, the cargo transported has less risk of being damaged, and the more grounded trailer ensures less risk overall, translating into savings on your insurance bill.