6 Best Work Outfits for Men


We are in the post-covid era, and working on Zoom and Skype is now becoming rarer. Your work management has decided that you do the larger proportion of work on-site. No matter how convenient your sofa is, if this mail hits your inbox, you have no choice but to get up and go to work.

When that time comes, you may be confused about what to wear. Many working-class people face this dilemma any time they look in their closets. This dilemma is usually combined with deadlines, meetings, and projects. 

At times, you lose interest in looking good to work because of the pressure of work. What should I wear? What fashion accessories should I wear? Should I use a stretch belt? Or should I wear business casual? These are a few of the many questions that flood the mind when it comes to wearing something for work.

This post will save you from the early morning anxieties arising from difficulties in choosing the best outfit for work.

Fashion and Your Work

The way you dress most of the time largely affects how motivated you are to work. Oftentimes, managers have made decisions regarding the nature of clothes employees wear to work. If fashions were of little importance at work, why would they make such decisions?

Even though you may not like it, your colleagues or customers will relate to you based on how well you dress. Even the smallest details like wearing matching outfits and wearing elastic stretch belts whose bucks match your watch, cufflinks, or jewelry will attract a lot of attention.

Six Work Outfit Ideas for Men in 2022

Like many other things, fashion evolves and changes with time. The trends of fashion ten years ago are different from now. Who knows, maybe in a few years, there will be a need to update this list. For now, let’s explore these beautiful outfit ideas for men in 2022.

The type of outfit you wear to work is mostly dependent on the type of work itself. If you work in construction and you need to visit the site, your dress should be extremely casual. On the other hand, if you work behind a desk, you need to be semi-casual or corporate.

The following is a list of men’s fashion ideas that you should consider for work in 2022.

1. The Thousand Magic of a Good Shirt

A work outfit does not need to be designed by a vogue designer. The truth is, you do not need to overthink or overdo your office look. A plain shirt, some pants, and accessories can do so much magic.

The first thing you need to know is that at the heart of any casual, semi-casual, or business corporate outfit is a shirt. If you have a couple of dope shirts properly ironed and crisp in your wardrobe, you can easily combine them with other wear and accessories.

If you are going to choose a tie, make sure you select a shirt whose collar won’t hug your neck on its own. You also need to put into consideration your body type. Some body types look great when they wear a slim-fit shirt, while others would be amazing in a classic fit.

A good shirt goes well with varieties of pants including khaki, chinos, elastic materials, or even shorts depending on how well you combine them. You can decide to use them with a good wristwatch, elastic stretch belt, and other accessories.

2. Go Formally Handsome

When it comes to work clothes, without a doubt, corporate outfits make you three times more handsome. Therefore, if you are not a fan of corporate or formal outfits you should seriously consider adding them to your wardrobe.

You can start by getting a decent earthy tone blazer for your office look. You can wear a blazer on a t-shirt, polo, or round neck and still make a fashion statement for your office work. 

Then, you can also consider adding other colors like black, ash, tan, or navy blue blazers. It can also be stripped or multicolored depending on what you want to combine them with.

The truth is, having a blazer will make your outfit less boring. 

3. Sweaters and Cardigans

Fancy sweaters and cardigans have become a fashion statement, especially in colder climates. In areas with this kind of climate, wearing sweaters has become accepted as part of work outfits.

It is important to note that wearing a sweater or cardigan will provide a casual undertone to your outfit. Be careful when selecting a sweater. Run from loud patterns and always stick to a slim fit.

Sweaters in colors like brown, black, or navy are the best bet as they match virtually any color of pants you choose. It will be bad if you wear color-clashing sweaters to work.

4. Ties, Casuals, and Sneakers

Ties are universally accepted as the best description for a formal outfit. However, if the right balance is used, you can easily integrate a tie into business casual.

You should remember that you can’t wear just any tie in a casual outfit. It must be a knit tie! Other members of the tie family do not go with casuals, and you should not make the mistake of trying one.

If you have a knit tie, in burgundy, navy, or any form of neutral color, you can use it with a sweater or cardigan. 

You can also pair your casual wear with white or ash-colored sneakers. Boom! You have made the perfect combination of business casuals for work.

5. Keep the Weather in Check

The weather can not be the same all year round neither should your work look. There are times when the weather will be too hot, and you should not try to wear clothes that will make matters worse.

In this case, wearing something light is okay. Wearing a white shirt, or a thin round neck is accepted.

Also, during seasons like the winter, you need to seriously consider what you will wear to work. A trench coat is a viable option here. It is outerwear and needs to be worn over an outfit. 

A trench coat looks good on formal clothing, especially a tuxedo or a simple jacket. At the same time, you can wear it casually. When selecting a trench coat during winter, stick to a neutral color because of how easy it will match with your other clothes.

You can try combining a camel trench coat with white t-shirts, navy slacks, and a burgundy tie.

6. Work on Your Color Palette

Well, it is a generally accepted notion that men do not match colors well. Try to be an exception, match your colors well, and do not let them clash.

If by any means you find it difficult to properly match colors, try and fill your wardrobes with clothes that have neutral, and earthly tones.

Clothes, pants, trench coats, or tuxedos with tones of Beige, black, ivory, taupe, and shades of whites all go well with each other.


Fashion is evolving. Fashion trends change every day and if you are not awake to things happening around you, you may miss out a lot.

When it comes to work outfits, pay attention to how things change in the fashion world, dressing codes at work, and how comfortable you are in certain outfits. By doing so, you will be able to identify what works best for you.