6 Major Reasons to Hire a Geotechnical Engineer for Your Next Project


Every structure is subject to the ground under it. So, when starting a building project, it is crucial to predict the behavior of the ground and act accordingly to ensure safety and durability. This is where geotechnical engineers come in.

There are clear benefits to hiring a geotechnical firm that employs engineers equipped with local knowledge and expertise, ensuring a low risk of project delays and costly surprises.

Below mentioned are a few ways they can be useful to you during a construction project.

Saving Time and Money

Building projects, especially ones of a larger scale, require the knowledge, skills, and expertise of tens of different people. Geotechnical firms have strong relationships with many of these people, including project managers, subcontractors, etc. They might also be able to help with other work like accounting staffing services.

This is very valuable for clients as they can employ subcontractors for repeat work and ensure work is done on time. They can also expect to receive competitive contractor bids and accommodation of tight work schedules.

Knowing Useful Information

A good geotechnical firm, which has dealt with hundreds of construction projects over the years will have access to the test boring logs they have created. In addition, they will also have access to test boring collections from local societies and universities that outsiders don’t know.

Geotechnical engineers that work in a specific geographical area also often collect local publications and books that help them understand subsurface conditions and the repercussions that come with underground construction.

Guiding Through Obstacles

Anyone who has worked in construction is familiar with the huge amount of permits and requirements that need to be followed or have permission. For instance, coordinating test boring programs on public soil requires street opening permits.

Every state and city has its own different requirements. A geotechnical engineer knows how to efficiently deal with them and can reduce a lot of time that would be wasted otherwise. 

Experience with Various Conditions

As geotechnical engineers get more experience under their belt, they become familiar with local knowledge about soil and rock types that are encountered in certain areas.

They learn how these soil and rock behave and how to handle them, which is crucial to know in providing structural foundation recommendations to their clients.

Hiring the Best Suited Contractors

Since a part of the job of geotechnical engineers is to provide recommendations for the construction of a foundation system, they have the benefit of being in contact with specialty contractors that practice in the local area.

They know which specialty contractors to employ, the equipment they have, and the cost implications of materials or equipment that will need to be shipped from another state or country.

Knowledge of Client Needs

Established geotechnical firms develop impressive experience in working with clients, which helps them know the requirements a client may have.

Every project has special processes and requirements that need to be followed, like worker safety requirements, boring logs, design guidance manuals, etc.