6 Ways To Determine The Quality Of Velvet Fabric

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Velvet is one such fabric that is synonymous with grandeur and luxury. Therefore, it is quite commonly used in upholstery and clothing. However, velvet fabric is only as good as the quality you buy. 

With such a high number of manufacturers selling velvet fabric in the market, there is no doubt that finding the best quality out there can be tough. Fortunately, some fundamental qualities can help you determine the quality and worth of the fabric you buy. 

  • Durability Rating:

One of the most important aspects one needs to keep in mind is the ‘velvet rub test.’ Tests such as Wyzenbeek or the Martindale evaluate the wear and tear of the fabric. This further helps you determine how sturdy and durable it really is. 

Good quality velvet is quite durable and will surely stand the test of time. Typically, the durability rating of good quality velvet should be about 15,000 rubs. Of course, the higher this number is, the better the fabric will be. 

  • Fabric Weave:

The second thing you must check is the weaving technique used. The most popular weaving techniques used in today’s time include the pile and flat weave. 

Determining the specific weave type, depending on your usage, helps you figure out the quality of the fabric. Generally, tightly woven fabrics outlast loosely woven ones by quite a margin. You should also note that woven fabric lasts longer than printed ones. 

  • Fiber Type:

Velvet usually comes in three different types of fiber types. The first and most common ones are natural fibers, then synthetic fibers, and the latest one, a combination of both. The properties of each specific fiber type further determine its longevity and quality. Therefore, using combined fibers is the best decision if you choose a velvet fabric for upholstery. 

  • Anti-Allergic Properties:

The longer thread, more fluffy fabrics, and more organic blends are more likely to attract pollen and dust. This makes upkeep and cleaning them quite a task. If you or a family member is allergic to any allergens or dust, a smooth, short-pile synthetic fabric can be a better choice. This will ensure easier maintenance and lesser absorption of pollen. 

  • Thread Count:

The number of threads for every square inch on the fabric is known as the thread count. In short, the higher this number is, the better quality your fabric will be. A higher thread count means it will be much more durable and tensile. It also means that the weaving is tighter, offering better resistance to wear and tear. 

  • Total Weight:

Lastly, how heavy the fabric is can tell you a lot about its quality. Much like quite a few other properties here, the weight of velvet tells you how durable it is. A piece with a higher thread count and densely woven fabric will be heavier, meaning they are more durable. 

These are some ways to determine if you are investing in a product that is worth it. Products on Alibaba check all such boxes and undergo a quality check. Rest assured, you will only get the best products from them. You can also go through all the options in one place.