8 Things That You Should Know Before Choosing a Marketing agency for a Manufacturing Company


It’s no secret that marketing is key to any business’s success. In fact, it is so important that companies spend nearly 5-10% of their annual revenue promoting their products to their target audience.

Some companies maintain an in-house marketing team, while others opt to hire a marketing agency. However, finding the right marketing agency for your products can be overwhelming because there are many options. 

Businesses want to outsource all or some of their marketing initiatives instead of hiring marketing professionals. This is because it’s cost-effective. The agency also provides professional support to boost the company’s competitive edge. 

Finding the right industrial marketing agency is critical for ROI and brand visibility. However, getting one dedicated to the manufacturing vertical is not easy. 

Here are 8 things that you need to know first before hiring a manufacturer marketing agency.

1. Understand Your Goals and Objectives

What does your business intend to achieve through its marketing strategy? There are many opportunities that your business can get from partnering with the right customer acquisition marketing agencies for manufacturing companies. However, before finding a marketing firm, you must know your goals and objectives.

The marketing agency for manufacturers can help you achieve more leads, improved sales, and better marketing collateral. Ultimately, this translates to enhanced online presence and overall business growth. 

For instance, the agency may prioritize creating a website and publishing high-quality content to engage your audience. The same experts might focus on a complete branding overhaul. So, finding the right marketing firm is important to serve your business needs best.

2. Sector Experience

Marketing agents are experts in marketing, while your company has adequate know-how and experience in manufacturing. But, the right marketing agency must have the capacity to adapt to different industries and businesses.

It’s critical to choose an industrial marketing agency with good experience in the manufacturing sector. A company that understands the industry, products, customers, and target audience is more likely to identify the best channels to reach them. The agency experts are also better positioned to craft marketing messages that excite the audience and are more likely to respond to them.

3. Consider Your Budget

A manufacturer marketing agency is in business to make money by handling your digital marketing needs. Therefore, marketing is a significant investment, and achieving your goals and objectives requires a healthy budget. 

A budget will help you identify a marketing agency that can work with what you have. They can prioritize the activities that your business needs immediately. Further, a good marketing agency has scalable services, and transparent billing practices and gives you quotes depending on your business needs. 

4. Who Handles Its Marketing Efforts

Cost is one of the reasons why businesses want to outsource their marketing. You want to outsource your services to cut costs and work with experts in the digital marketing space. But you don’t want to partner with a marketing agency for manufacturers that will send your work overseas.

Although it’s a common practice for an agency to contact you and outsource the work, engaging in such a contract creates multiple problems. Your business will likely experience a language barrier when dealing with an overseas team, and your time-sensitive concerns might not get the needed attention. Because of such issues, it’s best to work with a marketing agency that has an in-house team.

5. Accessible Client Portfolio

There are different marketing agencies in the market. Some work in specific industries, such as manufacturing, hospitality, construction, banking, etc., while others work in multiple fields.

It’s important to access the agency’s client portfolio when choosing a manufacturing marketing company. This allows you to see the companies in your industry that the agency has worked with, plus the results. Further, peruse its website, find the “Portfolio” or “Clients” section and read client testimonials, reviews, and ratings.

Ask the agency to provide you with previous campaigns and put you in touch with clients to whom they belong. Talk to a few of the clients that the agency has worked with, especially in your industry. 

As mentioned earlier, marketing is an investment, and you don’t want to waste your resources in terms of money and time. Getting direct feedback from the company’s clients can be more reassuring.

6. Compatibility

Creativity is critical in marketing. However, when choosing a marketing agency for manufacturers, it’s prudent to pick one that demonstrates what they know about your industry, business, goals, and expectations. A focused marketing agency is committed to outcomes such as lead generation and conversion, while a design-led company impresses on creativity. 

The size of the marketing agency is also another important consideration. A small to medium manufacturing company might benefit immensely from working with a big agency because of its resources and exposure. 

But, the reality is that larger companies tend to prioritize established businesses because of their big budget, which translates to more revenue. Therefore, you’re most likely to appear at the bottom of the agency’s priority list. So, another option is to outsource your marketing activities to a smaller company that prioritizes your key interests.

7. Credibility

Today, customers seek recommendations before purchasing any product. They want to buy from brands with a reputation for offering seamless customer experience. Similarly, manufacturers want to hire a marketing agency with a concrete list of clients because that demonstrates the level at which the company is working.

It’s important to consider the credibility of a manufacturing marketing company because that shows whether the agency will meet your expectations. But choosing an agency with a client base in your industry, and one with a good reputation is better for your business than picking a popular one. You can find out about the agency’s integrity, authenticity and image by analyzing its records. 

8. Commercial Terms

Marketing agencies for manufacturing have different charges for the work they do on behalf of companies. Some of the common categories include fixed fees, hourly rates, or per-project fees.

Charges in these categories may vary, as well as the flexibility on the contract’s length. So, it’s essential to understand each agency’s commercial terms before signing the contract. 

Wrapping Up

Vigilance is needed when choosing a manufacturer marketing agency because they’re the ones who will promote your brand and drive demand for your products. It’s important to consider how the company will aid your business. So, ensure that the agency is a good match for your business.

Hiring a marketing agency with adequate experience and a good clientele in the manufacturing industry can be beneficial. Understanding the factors mentioned in this article can help you find the right manufacturing marketing agency for your business.