Reggie Weed: Why Is It Considered A Low-Shelf Weed?


There are different variants of weed in different parts of the world. While smoking weed is strictly prohibited and considered illegal in some countries, there are some places where the laws are relaxed. Some states, including Alaska, California, New York, Arizona, New Mexico, and a few more, consider smoking weed legal in a diverse country like the United States. Consumption is illegal in other states, including Georgia, Alabama, Indiana, Kentucky, and a few more. If you live in a weed-friendly state or location, then you can explore so much about cannabis and its effects.
Reggie weed is the cheapest and best-quality option for smokers who cannot afford expensive ones. Its cheap quality and mildewy aroma have made smokers consider Reggie a low-shelf weed.
Reggie And Its Popularity Among Smokers
Reggie weed is undoubtedly the most common type among smokers worldwide, mainly because of its low cost and easy availability. Before getting into its effects and quality, its name has a particular reason behind it. This weed’s name is Reggie because it is of the lowest quality, and most smokers would say a big no to it sometimes because of its terrible straw-like taste and mild effect.
This doesn’t mean people worldwide do not demand Reggie; it is the most commonly available weed and is a favorite of regular smokers who want to save a few bucks.
However, Reggie leaves a very mild effect, which is something not every smoker would want. To beginners, Reggie is the most readily available option to explore the world of cannabis and its effects.
Why Is Reggie Weed A Low-Shelf Weed?
Reggie is very popular among smokers worldwide and is considered the most common type of weed for regular smokers, but why is it known as a low-shelf then? It all lies in its quality; smokers love to call Reggie a weed of super low quality.
Talking about its appearance, Reggie weeds are primarily seen in tan brown or dark olive colors with black spots and a feather-like texture. It is generally a flower that has been dried for a long time, and when burnt, it does not give rise to an intense aroma and sometimes smells like campfire kindlings. Although it does not have a distinctive flavor like other cannabis, it leaves behind a mild dizzy effect. Because it does not offer any flavor or strong effect, Reggie has been considered a low-shelf weed.
Why Should You Switch To A Mid or Top-Shelf Weed?
You must have come across many reasons why Reggie is not the best option; many other types of weeds are available worldwide that are of superior quality and have been classified as mid-shelf and top-shelf.
If you are done with Reggies and want to switch to something superior, Mids is an excellent choice. Mids derived from the term ‘middle-grade cannabis’ have a high demand among smokers and are widely purchased for their moderate post-smoke effects and a mild flavor that tastes like weed. They are more expensive than Reggies but not as highly priced as Danks.
For those who have surpassed the levels of beginners and moderate level, it is time to switch to the best and most superior kind, that is, Dank weeds. Danks are expensive, the freshest, most exotic, and most importantly, leaves behind a strong effect that can make you feel on top of the world. Danks is fragrant cannabis with a distinct odor and are highly potent precisely; danks are undoubtedly dank (excellent)!
Final Words
Cannabis is gaining more and more popularity around the world. Although there are numerous places around the world where the consumption of cannabis is strictly prohibited, others highly enjoy its presence. No one becomes an experienced smoker in a day, it involves a lot of experimentation, and this experimentation begins with Reggies. Once you are done with Reggies and switch to other superior types, it only gets better and better.