A custom stamp can give your brand a distinct identity


To indicate their assets, ancient people used symbols and distinctive artwork. Signs played an important role in the marking of territory. The industry has started to use customized stamps. Documents of importance are stamped with them.

In the corporate world, business stamps are highly valued. This practice of marking territory and assets has become widespread. Timbri can be ordered online and delivered to your office.

The standard process of stamping has become regional law today. To claim the position, documents, contracts, and assets must be stamped by the corporation. It is a rule every individual must abide by if they are to enter into a business deal. Unless a company stamp is present, a document cannot be used in legal proceedings.

Custom rubber stamps have many benefits

The following are some of the most important uses of custom stamps.

You will save time

The corporate stamp is considered an alternative to the signature. You work for a company where you need to sign many documents every day. A reasonable amount of time would be required to sign each record.

The corporate stamp will save you time and increase the value of your business. There is no issue with using a stamp instead of a signature, since it is legally accepted in the industry. In fact, you can even assign the stamping job to a separate person who will do it for you.

A professional attitude

You will demonstrate professionalism and promote your brand when you stamp every document going out from your organization. Your logo will appear on every document that you send out.


The corporate stamp enables you to authenticate documents. It allows you to verify that the document has come from a legitimate source. With the stamping, the organization is able to distinguish which document originates from the legal person and which is a fake.

Mail recovery

You can also recover the lost email with the stamp. When someone gets the document, the stamp will indicate the address the document will be sent to. Additionally, the name of the brand is mentioned in the symbol, which makes it easier to locate the brand office.

Stamps for corporate purposes can be made from a variety of materials. Quality, material, and product finishing determine the Timbro’s durability. It is thus important that you select the right business stamp when you go to buy one.

Businesses are still using technology that is 150 years old. The simple stamping process holds great value in the business world. Legal documents without a stamp will never be accepted by a person who wants to enter into a legal contract with you.

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