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It is not uncommon for people to consider bankruptcy due to medical bills, job loss, separation, financial problems, an economic downturn, or other unforeseen events. My experience as a Bankruptcy Lawyer has helped me help numerous sincere as well as hard-working people erase forever their debt so that they could rebuild their lives as well as credit report.

It is an honest and legitimate system, as well as an appropriate way, for you and also your family to take control of your finances and get the relief you need as well as deserve, by filing for chapter 7 or chapter 11. We recognize your situation and then assist you in determining the best strategy to return your financial resources to health.

We understand that declaring bankruptcy is a stressful and challenging experience. Insolvency is a costly process, so we make it as straightforward as possible while keeping it within your budget. We can assist you with a flexible layaway plan or a low-cost, ahead-of-time emergency filing plan that you can afford.

Any personal bankruptcy law firm in Utah can offer a wide range of options for paying for insolvency costs. By customizing your insolvency costs, you take control. To find out just how affordable we make filing for bankruptcy, request a free bankruptcy assessment today

Compassionate, understanding, and also experienced, you can depend on us. Our cost-effective bankruptcy program makes filing quick and easy.

How To Decide Whether To Apply

To file bankruptcy in Utah, the primary step is to seek advice from an experienced bankruptcy attorney to discuss the advantages of bankruptcy. A personal bankruptcy may not be the best option in every situation, but when it makes sense, it provides significant relief. Our experienced bankruptcy legal representatives can assist you determine if it is right for you to file for bankruptcy by providing you with a convenient case evaluation. Contact us today and schedule a no-obligation consultation.

Bankruptcy Preparation Tips

When you come to our office, we ascentlawfirm.com you in collecting all the information needed to prepare and submit your bankruptcy petition. The moment your bankruptcy application is filed with the court, an automatic stay takes effect. The automated stay prevents your creditors from taking any collection actions against you-such as garnishment, foreclosure, repossession, or collection calls-or taking any of your property. The lenders can be penalized heavily if the automatic stay is violated. We can usually file for bankruptcy on the very same day that we perform your preliminary evaluation with our office if you are facing an emergency situation, such as a foreclosure, garnishment, or foreclosure that cannot be avoided. Within 14 days of filing the emergency paperwork, we help you file the minimum required documentation to open a case.

Fulfillment of Creditors

After you file for personal bankruptcy, we will come with you to a meeting with the bankruptcy trustee after about 4-6 weeksAfter you file for personal bankruptcy, After you file for personal bankruptcy, we will come with you to a meeting with the bankruptcy trustee after about 4-6 weekseting, our clients get info describing the normal concerns asked by .

Discharge & Closure of Situation:

A “federal discharge” or discharge of all your debts is generally issued 60-90 days after your 341 meeting. After filing for bankruptcy, the discharge usually occurs about six months later. We offer a Free Convenient Personal Bankruptcy Consultation here.

If you are struggling with overwhelming debt, knowing your options is the first step to regaining control of your finances. We provide you with the tools you need to determine which option best fits your circumstances, determine your short- and long-term goals, and then take the next steps toward achieving debt relief. A Salt Lake City bankruptcy lawyer from Ascent Law will offer you a free consultation either in person or by phone, depending on which works better for you.