Al Nowras Logistics Maritime Alliance


Al Nowras Logistics is one of Oman’s premier freight shipping companies. Offering competitive pricing on ocean and road freight services in Oman and GCC countries.

Shipping alliances provide significant advantages by pooling resources to lower operational expenses and offer more cost-effective tariffs than individual carriers could manage on their own.

Ocean Freight

Ocean freight shipping services provide a vital link in global trade by transporting products across vast distances via ocean vessels. Ocean freight can often be seen transporting raw materials or individual components from Asia to warehouses or factories in Europe or North America for production – or vice versa – before being distributed outwards as finished products to customers at end markets around the globe. It can even be used for consumer electronics or industrial equipment production!

Ocean shipping offers cost-effective alternatives to air freight that are safe, eco-friendly and time-efficient. Longer distance shipments may take longer due to weather and currents; moreover, cargo can become easily damaged during shipping due to ocean currents and waves if packed improperly for shipment. However, while ocean shipping may seem cost-effective and environmentally friendly options for long-distance shipping needs; there can still be drawbacks with this mode of transport: shipping times could take several days depending on its route/weather condition – shipping times could take an indeterminable length depending on factors related to route/weather/wave damage caused by currents/waves so it is imperative that products are correctly packed prior to being sent on shipments if damage occurs during its journey from point A-to-B.

Fuel costs are another significant drawback of shipping alliances, since long-distance ships inevitably incur higher fuel expenses. But, thanks to their scale and scope, shipping alliances can often offer competitive rates which offset some of these fluctuations.

No matter whether it is full container load (FCL) or less than container load (LCL), Maritime Alliance Alnowras Logistics can assist in shipping goods safely and efficiently. Our expert team is on hand to assist in planning, preparation and packaging for your shipment; as well as customs clearance and documentation procedures if needed. Furthermore, they know all of the latest regulations to help avoid delays or fines with customs clearance processes.

Road Freight

Road freight shipping can be an efficient and cost-effective means of moving small to medium size cargo, with greater scheduling and route options than other modes. Road freight delivery also makes sense when transporting high-risk, dangerous or delicate products that cannot share space on sea containers or airplanes.

For optimal road freight transporter selection, take into account factors like cargo size and weight as well as destination country and goods that you ship. When searching for road freight transporters it is also important to find one with flexible scheduling and an open, transparent communication process; choosing an ideal road freight transporter will help guarantee safe delivery on time and within budget.

Maritime Alliance Alnowras Logistics offers an assortment of road freight services tailored to fit your unique shipping requirements, from Less Than Truckload (LTL) to Full Truck Load (FTL). Their expert logistics team can also assist in selecting an option suitable for both your shipment needs and budget.

Al Nowras offers comprehensive break bulk and project cargo shipping services, from individual pallets to full containers, providing competitive quotes at highly affordable rates with 24/7 professional support available to support you.

Customs Clearance

Ocean freight transport is an integral component of global commerce, transporting goods and raw materials around the globe. But sea travel also poses environmental and safety challenges that must be carefully addressed; maritime alliances offer one way of doing just that by improving sustainable shipping practices while strengthening global collaboration.

Maritime alliances provide large shipping companies an efficient and cost-effective means of competing without bearing the financial strain of investing in their own fleets. By pooling resources and providing better coverage on multiple international routes, maritime alliances allow companies to pool resources more effectively while simultaneously decreasing operational costs and increasing capacity utilization – an asset shippers should value in the long run.

Al Nowras Logistics Solutions operates across Oman to offer road freight options to GCC countries. From transporting one pallet or an entire container load, our team is here to provide an effective and cost-efficient solution. Our fleet comprises over 200 flatbed, lowbed and special vehicles equipped with cranes for heavy loads.

Hapag Lloyd and Maersk announced a groundbreaking new partnership, known as Gemini Cooperation, following their decision to dissolve their 2M Alliance earlier this week. This move promises to alter the shipping landscape significantly, from slot swaps and service coverage agreements through to operational contracts.


The sea is an integral component of global trade, transporting goods and raw materials around the globe. But its existence comes with several environmental and maritime safety issues that must be carefully managed. Maritime alliances provide an effective solution by improving sustainable shipping practices and encouraging global collaboration.

Shipping alliances provide members with a way to pool resources on a large scale, helping reduce individual operating costs in times of low economic activity or political unrest in certain regions. Alliances also take advantage of their combined shipping capacity and can offer more cost-effective rates than would otherwise be available through single carriers.

Maritime Alliance Alnowras Logistics not only offers cost-effective ocean freight services, but we also provide warehouse services – from cold storage and dry storage for imported or domestic products – but our warehouses in Salalah and Wadi Al Jizzi also have the capabilities of handling break bulk or project cargo cargo. Furthermore, our commitment to environmental responsibility means we have experience meeting your demands for eco-friendly storage solutions.

Heavy lift shipping and special cargo transportation is our forte, and our highly qualified logistics specialists are dedicated to optimizing its efficiency. They possess vast expertise in rail transport, data analytics and logistical operations – and will make sure that your shipment reaches its destination on time and within budget.