Are Wax Melts Safe For Kids?

A close up image of pouring melted candle wax into glass molds.

Do you love it when your home smells nice? I’m sure you do. Everyone loves a home that smells great. Scented candles and wax melts can help in making your home smell great. 

However, there are some concerns with using them. For instance, if you have kids in your home, using a scented candle might not be the best option because of the soot and flame it produces. This means that we are left with wax melts. 

Are wax melts safe for kids as well? The question has a yes and no answer. Yes, if the wax melt you are using is made from soy wax or beeswax—they are made from natural ingredients, making them safe for babies. No, if the wax melt is made from paraffin wax (a byproduct of the crude oil purification process). Paraffin wax is no good because it produces harmful fumes that aren’t safe for babies. 

Now you know that wax melts are safe for babies, let’s take a look at the reasons in detail. 

Wax melts are safe for kids because they do not produce soot 

Soot is a black powdery substance made from carbon that usually comes from incomplete combustion of organic matter. Soot is harmful to newborns and kids because it can cause respiratory problems in kids or babies whose lungs are still developing. In addition to respiratory problems, there’s now evidence that soot can impair the development of a baby’s or child’s brain.

Wax melts use a device known as wax melters or wax warmers to melt or heat the wax, and since they do not emit flame or burn anything, soot is not produced or generated. Not all wax warmers use electricity; some use candles to melt the wax, so make sure to purchase a wax melter that uses electricity. 

Wax melts are safe for kids since they do not require flames

In the United States, between 2014 and 2018, an estimated 7,610 residential fires were caused by candles each year. This means that candles are physically dangerous and shouldn’t be used in homes with kids. Wax melts, on the other hand, are totally safe because wax melts do not require wicks or fire to release the fragrance stored within them. 

When purchasing a wax melter for your wax melts, make sure to purchase one that uses electricity to prevent fire risk. Keep the wax warmer out of their reach to further protect your kids. Also, go for a wax warmer with a timer because it’s not advisable to use a warmer continuously. If you already have one and it doesn’t come with a timer, then always remember to turn it off.

Wax melts made from soy wax, and beeswax is safe for kids

Candles and wax melts made from paraffin are carcinogens because they contain certain chemicals that, when burned, can cause cancer. Asides from cancer, wax melts made from paraffin can also cause headaches, irritation to the lungs and throat, low birth weight, respiratory issues, kidney damage, congenital disabilities, bone marrow damage and nausea. 

Soy wax is a safer substitute for paraffin wax mainly because it does not contain toxic chemicals. It’s not carcinogenic, burns cleanly, and gives off little or no soot. It’s also known to cause headaches and many other things that paraffin wax is known for, but since soy wax is natural, they do not pump the same harmful chemicals as paraffin wax into the air. 

Beeswax is an even better option. They are better than soy wax and paraffin wax because they do not produce any soot when burned. In addition to not producing soot, they don’t release the same chemicals that paraffin wax is known to emit. Instead of releasing toxins, they produce ions that can reduce toxins and improve the overall air quality. However, the cost is the only downside to using wax melts made from beeswax. They are more expensive than paraffin wax and soy wax. But if it’s for the safety of your kids, then nothing is too expensive. If you’d like to buy some beeswax wax melts today, you can shop wax melts when you visit