Asana Software vs Miro Software 2022 Showdown 


Asana software is a platform that organizes the flow of agile tasks and teams. It has been consciously created with the aim to balance the daily workflow even when work gets overwhelming. The Miro software is a whiteboard with tools to collect ideas, conduct meetings, and design apps. It is a platform that can be used to conduct conferences where you can even track the activity of the users by following their cursor.  

Let’s see the details that make Asana software vs Miro software a tough competition for each other.  

Asana Software 

Agile project management requires tools that can keep up with the shifting nature of work without disrupting the goals. The Asana software is an ideal platform and provides the following tools to its users: 

Workflow Builder 

There are often tedious tasks that get overwhelming because of their repetitive nature. The workflow builder features in the Asana software are a brilliant tool for automating tasks. There are various tasks one can automate such as intaking forms systematically to organize ideas, feedback, and source needs neatly.  

Additionally, the rule is an effective tool to set up triggers to automate tasks such as sending status updates and assigning team members. To further customize the workflow builder, you can integrate apps like Google Drive and Slack as well.  


As the name suggests, the timeline feature is a time map of the project and gives you a brief overview to see your project in relation to the deadlines. The timeline further showcases the team’s work so that everyone can see their roles defined in accordance with the assignment.  

Since all the information is displayed and project goals are shared with the team, you can also get buy-in and ensure that there are no conflicts.  


The workload feature is a great tool for creating balance in how many tasks each member is assigned. It prevents overload and ensures that equal opportunity is created for all to showcase their abilities too.  

Before assigning a task, you can also check the capacity of your team in detail. The workload feature will display details of tasks too. The workload interface is equally simple to navigate through since you can drag and drop tasks to re-assign them.  


The Asana software creates brilliant reports for you to stay on top of the projects. The dashboards, for one, neatly stack up information about the projects to help you gain insights. Moreover, the reports are presented through graphs as well as charts so that you can measure progress and pulse comprehensively.  

In addition, you can pull data from different projects to create reports through ready-made templates. It will help you assess the overall development while your team can also access the features to ensure that they are on track.  

Asana Demo 

If you are interested in determining the Asana software’s compatibility with your business, you may want to take a look at the demo to better understand the features. The Asana demo is a quick 2-minute introduction to the features and can be useful in learning about the features.  

Asana Pricing  

The Asana cost allows teams of all sizes to choose a suitable plan. There are four options and each provides the most basic set of Asana features. The first plan is entirely free of cost, the second Asana pricing is called premium and costs $10, and the business option charges $24. However, the cost of the enterprise subscription option is not shared on the website since it is provided based on your organization’s requirements.  

The Asana reviews reveal that it is a reliable choice for users who want to simplify their daily workflow.  

Miro Software 

Just because your team is remote or distributed does not mean that healthy collaboration is compromised. The Miro software provides a brilliant range of features to improve communication between online teams: 

Workflow Management  

If your work is constantly shifting, worry not because the agile workflow management is also part of the Miro whiteboard. It integrates Kanban so you can get a bird’s eye view of all the details. You will, furthermore, be able to access remote standups and sprint plannings to control the way you engage with work.  

At the same time, the agile ceremonies feature lets you plan meetings that are goal-centered and focused. You can compare past research with the most recent to further generate insights.  


Creative ideas play a significant role in defining future strategies. However, if it is all over the plan, you cannot execute it. Therefore, the Miro software lets you access an infinite canvas where the entire team can come together to share their feedback and ideas as organically as they would in a real-life meeting.  

However, when you are working on Miro, the Stickies Capture tool will document all your ideas and then convert them into actionable tasks. With up to 120 templates, you can also rest assured that your ideas can be executed within minutes.  

Miro Demo  

The Miro software features a blog as well as a link to their demo to provide a detailed introduction of all of the features that are presented by the website. The Miro demo is not directly available on the website.  

Miro Pricing  

You can find five types of Miro pricing on the software. The first option is entirely free of cost and can be used to get familiarized with the features. The team pricing option costs $8 and the business plan costs $16. Meanwhile, the price of the Miro enterprise is not available but you can request it through the website. Since Miro is a project management tool, it also features a consultant plan that is available for $12. This plan can be used to provide a separate workspace for each client, invite unlimited guests, and control the accessibility of users too.  

The Miro reviews establish it as a strong contender for being a top-notch option for creative work management.