Bid Adieu to Expensive Manual Procedures with AccessiBe

Expensive Manual Procedures

As a business owner, it is your digital and social responsibility to ensure every user that comes to your website can browse through it easily. This also applies to users with disabilities. According to the provisions of the ADA and WCAG 2.1 guidelines, it is your legal duty to ensure your site is accessible to every user on the Internet, or else you will be subject to expensive lawsuits and fines.

AccessiBe – An affordable automated, and convenient tool for website accessibility

In the past, businesses, both large and small, had to invest heavily when it came to hiring web developers to fix accessibility gaps. The process not only cost money but was time-consuming as well. Small business owners faced a lot of problems because, unlike their larger counterparts, they could not afford a developer team to fix gaps in the office.

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Moreover, they also had to bear the costs of maintenance for the site, so the whole ordeal was very cumbersome with respect to money and time for them. With AccessiBe, these problems could be resolved.  

  1. Automated- This meant that it operated independently without any sort of intervention from the developer needed. It ran silently in the background, checking site content every 24 hours and making the necessary adjustments.
  • Simple installation- The installation process was convenient, and you did not have to be technically savvy to do it. The time taken for installation is 5 minutes. The tool’s official website is a guide to help you install the tool without hassles.
  • Advanced technologies- The tool is equipped with artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. Both of these powerful technologies enable the application to make quick adjustments without hampering the user experience.
  • Highly affordable- This tool is highly affordable, even for small business owners. The prices start at just $49 only per month. There are different pricing packages that you can choose for your business.
  • Free web audit- This feature called aCe helps businesses understand the areas where there are web accessibility issues. They are able to get a report that shows them where the gaps lie.
  • OCR abilities- The tool embraces the power of optical character recognition or OCR to get information from site images. This technology is beneficial for screen readers. This platform offers you text descriptions for them so that users with visual impairments are able to comprehend the image better.

AccessiBe is a tool that has gained immense popularity across the world. The developers took around 18 months to make their first version. They are constantly taking the support of users with disabilities to boost the performance of the tool with research and development. In this way, businesses are able to keep lawsuits at bay, enhance the user experience for everybody who visits their site, and allow themselves to get exposed to multiple sales opportunities without hassles at all. The tool is a boon for every business, and this is why it is immensely popular today!