Business card printing services


If you are looking for professional printing services and excellent marketing tools for your business, Infigo is the place to visit.

Printing services for business cards is necessary for business.

Whether you’re creating business cards, professional fliers, or proposals and contracts for clients, your business could benefit from using a custom printing service in Vancouver, BC.

Why should you use professional printing services?

Professional services ensure clean, clear-cut edges by printing on slightly larger-sized paper and then cutting smaller designs down to size, leaving you perfect edges instead of white.

If the custom printing online is not satisfactory, you can request a reprint at no extra cost. To guarantee the quality, it’s always good to leave it to the professionals who have good experience with all print designs.

Here are some reasons for Infigo’s professional services:

A professional print retains customers

Customers will be loyal to your brand if your brand is associated with quality, from your business cards to products. However, if you use printing that fades over time, it can ruin your business reputation.

Customize to your satisfaction

You can create your desired logo with our customized services. Choose from our array of formats, fonts, and designs. With your personalized brand and trendy designs, you can convey the right message to your clients. You don’t need millions of dollars to express yourself with BC’s professional business cards printing design service.

Professional services help brand recognition.

Despite high competition, you would still want your brand to be recognized. Why not opt for professional printing services for your business cards and printables? Custom and professional printing benefit different businesses. Printed strategies go a long way to making your business recognizable.

Cost-effective marketing

Small businesses with low budgets can not consider marketing. As a beginner in business, you eat to start small and affordable as possible. Therefore, printables work like magic.

Why you should print your business cards online

We at Infigo understand the significance of a good business card design for your networking efforts. We, therefore, offer a wide range of business card templates for you to design your card precisely the way you want it to. We will be more than happy to help if you already have a business card design at your disposal and simply need us to print the cards.

Whether you prefer to print and design colored or uncolored business cards online in BC, Canada, we provide solutions for your business.

You can rely on us for business card designs and color options like:

  • Standard one-sided business cards.
  • Standard double-sided business cards.
  • Skinny one-sided business cards.
  • Skinny double-sided business cards.
  • Square one-sided business cards.
  • Square double-sided business cards.

So the next step is for you to decide what to put on your business card. Below is a list of some common choices to decide which to include and exclude.

You can communicate with our designers about how you want it.


Every business card needs a name.

Company name

There should be a second name which is your company name. In some cases, your name is your company name.

Job title

For traditional cards, you should include your job title. Your card also helps remind the holder of who you are, what you do, and how your met.

Phone number

Phone numbers are an important method of communication that you should include in your card.


It is a business card staple; email is the new norm for non-urgent business communications, partially because it allows sending documents as attachments and communication between you and your clients.

Website URL

You should include your site URL as a non-aggressive invitation for visits.

Social media handle

If social media is relevant to your field, or you just want to show a bit of your personality, include social media links.


It’s necessary info for drawing customers into your office or store location.

QR code

While not as popular as years past, a QR code is still a viable shortcut to transferring whatever data you desire. Using a QR code is very beneficial to your brand.


Adding a slogan is optional, though it helps with brand identity and creates a little personality.

Remember that business cards aren’t just about giving information but also retaining it. People may already know your number, address, or URL and keep your card handy if they forget or lose their phones. If you want this small and versatile marketing arsenal, you can contact us for a professional job with your designs.