CPAP Masks for Minimal Facial Contact

CPAP Masks for Minimal Facial Contact

When starting CPAP therapy, choosing a suitable mask is important. CPAP masks are available in different types to deliver comfort to the users. Facial contact, a secure seal, and overall comfort are some of the factors that make CPAP masks unique.

Generally, CPAP masks are classified into three types: full-face masks, nasal masks, nasal pillow masks and are available at all stores that sell CPAP masks. Full face masks cover both the nose and mouth and are best suited for mouth breathers, side sleepers, people with nasal congestion, or facial hair. Nasal masks are popular for their less physical contact feature, open view, and wide range of fits and sizes. Nasal pillows have a minimalist design, are very lightweight, and are a common choice.

When people get CPAP therapy, they often face irritation with their equipment. A study shows that 50% of CPAP users are unhappy with their equipment. Most CPAP patients finish their therapy within 2–3 weeks, quoting mask discomfort. Many manufacturers are taking steps to resolve these issues with new designs that are lighter, and enhance the overall CPAP therapy experience.

Low Contact Nasal Pillow CPAP Masks

Nasal pillow masks like the AirFit P10 Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask are designed to be much lighter than other nasal pillow masks. ResMed found that patients slept more comfortably when using the ResMed AirFit P10 Nasal Pillow CPAP mask instead of another nasal pillow mask. A comfortable sleep with AirFit P10 helps patients stay consistent with their CPAP therapy. This Nasal Pillow mask can be easily connected through a hose with any CPAP machine, including an auto CPAP machine with a heated humidifier.

Other masks, such as Philips Respironics Dreamwear Gel Pillow CPAP Mask, comprise a soft silicone structure to increase comfort. Not only does the silicone material reduce the limiting feel of other masks, but it also minimizes facial irritation from contact with the mask. This Dreamwear mask also features a top tube connection and reduces the feeling of claustrophobia. Its frame design allows users to get the perfect fit with a clear vision while reading or watching TV.

Reduced Contact Nasal CPAP Masks

For those who like to use a nasal mask, the Philips Respironics Dreamwear Nasal CPAP Mask with headgear was precisely designed for the least contact beneath the nose, thus alleviating irritation and red scars around the nose. Its soft silicone frame adds comfort while providing a soft touch against the skin while you sleep at night. Two-point headgear specification reduces the number of connection points with maintaining stability.

For those experiencing maximized feelings of claustrophobia condition, the ResMed Airfit N30i Nasal Mask features a minimum contact beneath the nose cushion that covers less facial area than most conventional nasal masks. AirFit N30i mask fits under the nose, provides more visibility, and allows you to sleep in any position without any tube hindrance. Because of its flexibility and minimalist design, people add this mask to their essential CPAP supply bucket list when buying CPAP supplies online.

Minimal Contact Full Face CPAP Masks

Full-face CPAP masks have been the most problematic for people because of their large facial coverage. A large forehead pad and stability bar make any user off, especially those who like to read or watch TV before going to sleep. Yet, full-face masks are essential to their CPAP therapy for many people. CPAP mask manufacturing companies have found new ways to make a more comfortable full-face mask experience.

The ResMed AirFit F30 Full Face CPAP Mask is fabricated to make the least contact and cover less facial area than other full-face masks. The design minimizes feelings of claustrophobic condition and reduces the occurrence of red markings around the face. One-size-fits-all headgear allows a perfect fitting for any user.

Philips Respironics Dreamwear Full Face CPAP Mask is another option of lightweight, flexible that fits under the nose and has less facial contact.

You can get these advanced full-face masks at stores that sell CPAP masks or order online from CPAP machines and supply stores.