Does Sepstream fit your practice’s needs?


Sepstream might sound familiar to you if you are looking for a new medical imaging software solution. With its seamless integration with your EHR, affordability, and ease-of-use, this cloud-based medical imaging software suite is a great choice. Considering Sepstream and whether it’s right for you, let’s explore some of its features and benefits. You will ultimately have to decide based on the needs and the demands of your practice. provides a variety of services to help you get started.

A cloud-based medical imaging software suite called Sepstream

As a leading healthcare technology provider, Sepstream offers EMR/RIS/PACSTM solutions. The company provides physicians with a cloud-based platform for viewing, sharing, and storing images and reports. Doctors can upload studies straight from their charts thanks to its intuitive interface. Workflows are streamlined through routing rules. In addition, users are able to share studies across multiple locations and organizations. Studies can even be sent to modalities and PACS through Sepstream. Cloud-based tools eliminate paper trails for users, and they are all cloud-based.

Smartphones and tablets can be used to access the software. With Sepstream’s architecture, you can access your data from anywhere seamlessly and reliably. With its PACS system, radiologists are able to centralize all of their patient records and save time on back-office tasks. The RIS simplifies and streamlines radiologists’ workflow. They are able to improve their productivity as a result. The Sepstream platform is also capable of handling complex medical imaging workflows.

Integration with EHR is available

The health system must have the appropriate technology in order to integrate seamlessly with an EHR system. As part of this, the system is equipped with a robust integration platform that enables it to access relevant third-party content when needed. In addition to providing APIs and tabs that link to third-party content, a good integration platform will also include technical infrastructure. The health system should also be able to configure its software to share relevant information.

Healthcare providers face numerous challenges when integrating analytics tools with EHRs. Every new integration solution must be accompanied by compelling use cases in addition to coordinating administrative processes. By integrating EHRs, clinicians can maximize the value of patient data and make better decisions. It would be ideal if such integration was seamless and integrated fully. More information about how EHRs can benefit from analytics tools can be found here.

You can use it easily

Sepstream’s easy-to-use interface allows doctors to upload data directly from their charts, eliminating the need for phone calls between doctor offices. Using routing rules, you can automate workflow and share studies across locations and organizations. The software allows you to send images to a variety of PACS and modalities and eliminates paperwork by sending them electronically. Without any training or prior experience, you can use Sepstream without having a strong technical background.

Sepstream has an intuitive user interface that makes it easy to use on a variety of devices, including smart phones and tablets. It is easier for small and midsized groups to deliver this technology due to the system’s pay-as-you-go model. Web-based functionality allows you to view images on any computer with an Internet connection. On one screen, you can access all the information you need. Whether in a hospital or a doctor’s office, it is perfect for all kinds of imaging environments because of its easy-to-use design.

The price is reasonable

The best thing about Sepstream is that it is affordable. Practices of all sizes can benefit from this EMR/RIS/PACS(tm) product suite Practices of all sizes can comprehensive solution can help businesses meet a variety of requirements. available in many different forms

Advanced web technology and enhanced data security are two features of Sepstream’s PACS solution. Images can be shared and accessed from anywhere thanks to its user-friendly interface. The Sepstream RIS is compatible with a variety of devices, including tablets and smart phones. Due to its cloud-based nature, it offers pay-per-use options that make it more affordable for smaller groups. It provides a scalable, reliable and affordable solution for small and midsized medical practices despite its cost.