Top 8 .NET Development Tools For Coding Better in 2022

.NET developers tools 2022

.NET has become the catalyst in the development world, and developers are using the framework worldwide for their development needs. This depicts that the number of .NET development tools available in the market will only grow shortly. Development tools make the task easy for developers and maximize benefits.

At the moment, there are plenty of choices available for the developers to choose from. It becomes challenging to pick the best one that best suits your needs with overwhelming options available. Even if you hire .NET developers, they need intense research to choose one that would suit your project needs. According to Statistica, the .NET framework ranks in the first position for the most popularly used development frameworks.

To choose the right tool available, we list some of the best ones available in the market. Without further ado, let us go over them.

Have a look at Top .NET Development Tools

1. Stackify Prefix

Stackify has a code profiler tool known as the Prefix, and this tool runs in the background when an ASP.NET programmer runs their application. This tool helps capture all requests and provides a detailed report of all the events. It further enables troubleshooting slow web requests and the ones that find slow queries. One of the best ways to use this tool is to view the application logs and add the right application appender to the project the developers are working on.

2. SQL Multi Script

The SQL multi scripts are available with several features that assist the developers with change management across all SQL servers. Whether you are looking to deploy a script or fetch data from multiple databases, the SQL multi-script helps complete the process and saves valuable time for the developers by reducing all unnecessary steps.

3. LINQPad

LINQPad is one of the most secure platforms that help people test all their queries, the .NET programming performed, or any other basic program.

4. TeamCity

TeamCity is a tool written in Java and helps in successful integration. It supports the development and implementation process for all different types of projects. This tool makes the life of .NET developers easy, and if you are looking to hire .NET developers, they will be able to deliver exceptional results. JetBrains created the tool. Moreover, the tool is licensed commercially and is used more for commercial purposes only.

5. Octopus

Octopus is a Microsoft Web Developer tool and is one of the only tools that effectively manage software release and deployment processes. It is a deployment tool and takes .NET programming packages generated by the .NET software developers. Also, it enables the deployment of software on various platforms that include Azure, Windows, Linux, etc.

6. Chocolatey

Chocolatey is another critical development tool that makes the development process easy for developers. It has the most significant, only registry of the Windows packages. Put simply; this tool can summarize everything required to handle the software projects and ASP.NET programming. Besides, it helps deploy the software in one place by wrapping executables and installers into a compiled language.

7. NCrunch

The tool NCrunch was introduced into the .NET development spectrum to make coding and testing software smooth in .NET application development. After the outcome of software, developers often forget to run tests on it, to be sure. In such cases, NCrunch has them covered. It runs tests for the developers to ensure no bugs and the application works as needed. 

8. NuGet

The tool NuGet is a single zipped file that comes with a .nupkg extension and also contains compiled codes and descriptive displays that comprise crucial information that includes the version number of the package. The developers developing using .NET can share the code to create packages and then get those packages published through hosting companies, either private or public. These packages are available with the host, and the consumers can choose to obtain these packages from them.

The packages can then be added to the projects, and the package functionality can also be added to the project code.

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