What is the best Enterprise Business Messaging Platform


Every business best enterprise messaging platform regardless of size medium or large, utilizes an online messaging platform. Selecting the most reliable enterprise messaging platform is the initial step to successful marketing. There are several important aspects to think about when selecting the right platform for your business.

  • Prices: Choose a business messaging service that charges according to the services you require. Be sure to check for hidden fees as well as API limits that could increase the cost of your service.
  • Highlights: Depending on the purpose of the application, companies need to consider the features of messaging which will assist them in achieving the business objectives.
  • API Access: Select a messaging tool that allows API (API) access. APIs provide unique solutions to improve user experience and integration into business processes.

Business messaging uses cases

Business messaging facilitates effective and simple interactions. In turn, the introduction of an enterprise messaging platform can open up new channels for communication with users at any time and anywhere. Here are a few of the most popular business messaging instances.

Business messaging to support customers

Some businesses excel at providing exceptional customer service. For others the customer experience is comprised of an awkward series of disjointed interactions with employees who constantly ask you to clarify your issue.

It’s easy for agents to be criticized but the truth is that interactions with clients are often separated into tickets. Even the most skilled agents aren’t able to see the entire picture. Business messages make this process easier to manage.

Business messaging to convert sales

A conversion percentage is an obvious indicator of the amount of visitors who find the value of your site. Prospective customers will almost definitely complete a lead form on your site and your chances of meeting with them depend largely on the speed at which you respond to the initial interaction.

In contrast to phone calls and emails employees are able to resume the conversation via corporate messaging channels at any time by scrolling upwards and examining the details of the chat. It is an attractive and cost-effective method of increasing sales conversions.

Business messaging to promote marketing

Customers aren’t interested anymore in the mass-marketing strategies. They want brands to tailor their services and interactions which can be a hassle for the majority of companies. But, it has enormous potential for business.

Best practices for business messaging

Business messaging is a means for businesses and brands to control their customers’ experience and not tied to an advertising network or social platforms. Business messaging software allows users to communicate with businesses through social media and the web.

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  • Make use of your customer’s information to determine the most effective messaging apps to use to create a seamless customer experience. For instance, if your mobile application’s native app gets more inquiries than your site begin by offering on-app messaging. If the majority of inquiries are coming via iOS devices, start by implementing Apple Business Chat.
  • It is important to clearly define your goals to determine the most effective entry points for common customer journeys. Start by asking simple questions, like questions about account or FAQs.
  • Make sure your brand’s voice is consistent and voice throughout all your channels. Because your customer service agents are the spokespersons for your company, they need to follow the tone and voice of your brand. Some companies develop formal chatbot scripts. They do not use contractions, utilize perfect English and wrap up their idea in a single lengthy sentence. The chatbot you choose to use should be using the language of conversation if your brand’s voice is one that does. It will appear more natural to your clients and support team.
  • Make messages short and use visual aids such as images video, images, or Interactive forms whenever it is feasible. Fast responses enable users from both sides to cut down on time by tapping instead of typing. Be aware that every messaging platform comes with distinct interface components.
  • Create guidelines for the use of communication. Provide your customer service reps with a comprehensive handbook that covers everything from emojis to GIFs to contractions, and accepted internet terms (LOL, JK, TL;DR, IYKYK, etc.). The choice of acceptable internet slang has to be determined by the tone and the voice of the company.
  • Set performance goals and change Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for all kinds of business messages Improve Customer. You might need to change how you calculate the average response time or resolve issues. It is also crucial to monitor the performance of your employees and offer continuous support and education.

Benefits of corporate messaging

Here are some benefits of using business messaging platforms:

  • Friendly interface for users: Most people are used to messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or texting from their mobile phones. Because most platforms use an intuitive interface and users feel at ease using them right away because they don’t have to master anything new in order to effectively communicate.
  • Record-keeping that is extensive: Recording every communication will greatly increase productivity. The history of messages serves as a record of communications that allow teams to quickly access information, reduce time, and provide personalized services.
  • Improved customer satisfaction When customers interact with the channel they prefer they are satisfied with the service and usually have higher scores for social media than phone or live chat.

The challenges of business messaging

Unfortunately, providing efficient and effective customer service via social media presents new challenges for service providers who have to interact with customers in a different and more intimate manner, as well as for managers, who must manage expenses, resources, and corporate goals.

  • Multiple channels for messaging: Different public and private channels can be difficult to follow and may get lost among customer care agents.
  • Find the appropriate Channel: With so many communication channels that are available and a wide range of messaging channels, it’s difficult to locate your intended audience on a single channel. Finding the best method of communication is challenging with an audience that is scattered.
  • Slow process for approval: The lack of efficient workflows for approval leads to a lengthy slow, rigid, and manual process that can be complicated when dealing with issues that require collaboration with other departments.

It’s a mobile-first, sociable world

The desire of customers to connect with businesses is growing and there’s no way to stop it. They appreciate quick as well as efficient customer service and expect this from companies. Customers expect real-time responses to support queries.

Through business messaging that you offer your customers with a fresh way to communicate with you, and provide an enjoyable customer experience while also reducing costs.

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