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With our online store and smart business model, we are able to offer industrial camera technology at fair prices to integrators and OEM customers.                                                               

GeT Cameras provides you with industrial vision camera      

GeT Cameras offers fair priced industrial vision camera technology from Daheng Imaging. Daheng Imaging manufactures the best machine vision cameras in China. Our industrial vision camera portfolio includes all common imaging sensors and interfaces, including USB2, USB3 and GigE. Our prices are the best on the market. Industrial quality 5-megapixel USB2 machine vision cameras start at less than 100 euros. In addition, Daheng Imaging has a proven track record in product lifecycle management. The first developed machine vision cameras are still available from Daheng Imaging at this time. Quality control is very strict when it comes to their industrial cameras. A quality test procedure must be completed before any vision camera leaves the factory. It needs to withstand a 7-day aging test, where they are subjected to heat and coldness in a 72-hour full load test. Thus, Daheng Imaging can provide a 3-year warranty on their machine vision cameras.

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF INDUSTRIAL VISION CAMERAS?                                                            

As a result of our innovative business model, we are able to maintain this low pricing: Low margins per product: Independent of quantity up to 200 pieces per order. Our philosophy is that every new project or product begins with the purchase of a single machine vision camera. A low price for a single product contributes to our belief that you can make great products. Low overhead costs are also expected:

The resources of GeT cameras can be scaled flexibly to meet demand, and many processes can be automated. No overhead features: The MER series of Daheng imaging  has standard features like exposure, gain, white balance control, etc., but no advanced features like pixel binning and skipping. The MARS premium series is the only one that offers these features. By implementing only the most commonly used features, less development time and less expensive FPGAs are required. The result is a lower cost per machine vision camera

The largest manufacturer of imaging products in China is Daheng Imaging China largest manufacturer of imaging products is Daheng Imagingne vision cameras. On the Chinese market, electronic components such as image sensors, FPGAs, PCBs, resistors, capacitors, coils, connectors, etc., are cheaper than on the European market. A larger demand and the country of origin effect are responsible for this. Due to high production volumes and lower raw material prices, industrial machine vision cameras are more affordable. A machine vision camera costs less in China than in Europe because labor costs are lower

Vision camera portfolio with a wide range of products

Daheng Imaging offers more than 150 different industrial machine vision cameras, ranging from high resolution 31 megapixels up to high speed 860fps. We use well-known image sensor brands such as Sony, Sharp, and OnSemi.   We offer industrial vision cameras with USB2, USB3 or GigE interfaces. PCs and embedded boards with X86, X64, ARMv7 and ARMv8 processors can be used with the machine vision cameras. There is a Linux SDK and a Windows SDK available.

Manufacturers of industrial vision cameras provide direct support

We provide detailed technical information on our website about Daheng Imaging industrial vision cameras. Daheng Imaging engineers will be able to assist you if you have technical questions or problems while implementing our products. We realized that good support is important in achieving strong customer relationships. You can only get the best support if you have access to the engineers that build the industrial vision camera. When you send an email to isupport(at) Daheng Imaging engineers will be able to assist you if you have technical questions or problems while implementing our productst possible for your industrial vision camera.

Life cycle management of products

In the past, one of the main reasons for not sourcing products from Asia was the risk that products would disappear after a few months. It has changed since then. In terms of product life cycle management, Daheng Imaging has proven track record. You can still buy Daheng Imaging’s first industrial vision cameras today.

Cameras for industrial vision of high quality

All industrial vision cameras are tested before they leave Daheng Imaging’s factory. During aging, they are subjected to a hot and humid environment for 7 days, followed by a 72-hour full load test. The industrial vision cameras provided by Daheng Imaging are therefore covered by a 3-year warranty.


If you want industrial cameras of equal quality and at a lower price, are you willing to pay less come with a three-year warranty warranty period compared to the industry standards of 2 year? Do you want to have short lead times? Do you want direct support from the industrial camera manufacturer? Do you want to have industrial cameras with the latest sensors? These are all reasons to change from your current industrial camera manufacturer to Daheng Imaging cameras. You can order the industrial camera in our online store. Most machine vision cameras are in stock in the warehouse in China. After ordering you will receive your product within 2-3 weeks. Emergency? Quicker shipment of your industrial camera is possible for an extra fee.


Please let us know if you have any questions about machine vision cameras. You can find answers to most frequently asked questions on our FAQ page or in the manuals on our download page. Support is available on the support page. You can contact us regarding your machine vision camera question by going to the contact page or by sending us an email. I appreciate your response.