Healthcare SEO: 3 Effective Strategies to Drive More Patients


Any business or store, including a healthcare center with a web presence, aims to reach the top of search engine results. If a website lies on the 2nd page of Google search results, a potential customer will likely find it hard to reach there.

So, when it comes to increasing the web visibility of healthcare websites, partnering with one of the top SEO companies in Australia is the optimal solution.   

Why is Healthcare SEO Important?   

Search engine optimization is an effective way to boost healthcare website search engine ranking. The higher the website ranks, the more chances of potential patients visiting the website than its competitors. Ranking the healthcare website at the top page of Google is essential because web users no longer search past the first two pages of search results and click the page, they find relevant.  

Crucial SEO Techniques that Every Healthcare Website Needs  

Medical SEO can significantly uplift a website search ranking and help drive potential patients. A website that invests in a healthcare SEO company in Australia for result-oriented strategies can drive substantially higher ROI, boost credibility, enhance traffic, more visibility, revamp brand reputation and secure a position at top search engine results.  

Below are the top actionable strategies of SEO company that is helpful to attract new patients irrespective of healthcare center size and specialty in different medical practice.   

Finds Right Medical Keyword  

A robust healthcare SEO strategy starts with identifying relevant keyword that supports website content. However, several strategies have evolved in the past few years, but that doesn’t mean keywords are obsolete. It plays a crucial role in showcasing website content when a user raises a search query relevant to a medical keyword and phrase.   

Partnering with an SEO expert who focuses on local medical keywords is extremely fruitful to attract local patients. For instance, if a potential local patient is searching for the “best cardiac centre in Sydney”, then the website that is promoting the keyword for cardiac ailment will display at the top of the search results. Therefore, it is vital to put an SEO strategy that establishes a brand above the rest.  

Use Analytics to Establish SEO Strategy  

Tracking SEO data is essential for creating result-oriented SEO campaigns. It helps figure out what strategy is working and what needs to revamp. This practice also involves competitor analysis that evaluates all keywords, backlinks and other optimization factors that help revive SEO strategy.  

Partnering with top SEO experts will regularly examine SEO factors and find ways to create a strategic plan to boost visibility and improve search rankings and site user experience for potential patients.   

On & Off–Page Strategies for HealthCare Sites  

On-page SEO helps optimize the website and appears friendly to both prospects and search engines. It is a practice that optimizes web pages and other elements, including meta tags, URLs, website codes, web content, images, and visuals, so that search engines can find and rank them appropriately.  

On the other hand, off-page SEO practices boost the healthcare website’s position on the search engine results page. The practice includes link building, social media sharing, content marketing, etc. All these strategies enhance brand authority and significantly increase the chances of ranking high. 


The Healthcare industry is one of the thriving industries in Australia and that is why the competition is fierce. So, to set up a robust digital presence take the help of an efficient SEO company and a healthcare website development company. O2 Digital understands the specific needs of its clients and devotes its time to help healthcare centers grow their brands.