How a Commercial Locksmith Company Can Protect Your Business


What Commercial Locksmith Company Can Do for You

You work hard to build your business, and certainly you want to protect it from any harm. However, the sad truth is any business can fall victim to theft and burglary regardless of its size and type. It can bring serious trauma to business owners when they see their business being victimized for which they have spent a lot of time and money.

We all have heard stories of small-scale businesses and large-scale enterprises being attacked by criminals. In fact, there was a news report stating workplace theft costs $50 billion a year to businesses in the US. Whether it is manipulating the company’s accounts or stealing cold hard cash from the cabinet, it is important to keep it safe and protected to ensure it is inaccessible to unauthorized people.

The first and foremost security measure is to keep it safe by installing high-security locks, and hiring a skilled commercial locksmith is the only best way to do it. Only a professional commercial locksmith company can provide numerous services, such as new lock installation, lock repair, replacing locks, re-keying and prompt response in a lockout situation.

What is the Role of Commercial Locksmith?

A commercial locksmith can do whatever any locksmiths do, but they are specifically trained in the security of business place. They can work around security issues encountered by the enterprises and understand commercial security standards to deliver the best possible security. Let’s learn more about how a commercial locksmith can help you protect your business.

1 Install New Commercial Locks

A business needs new locks for many reasons. If you are starting a new business, obviously you need a set of locks and keys. If you change your exiscommercial ting business location, you will still need a locksmith to take care of your workplace security. You will also need to install new locks if you have bought office from a previous owner.

A business also needs new locks if the existing locks are too old or have developed wear and tear. If there are no door locks, it is just as good as not having doors. Anyone can walk into your office without permission, leaving you and your confidential data at risk.

When you consult a commercial locksmith, they will not only help you install new locks, but also advise you on what types of locks you should go for, based on your security requirements.

2 Re-key Existing Hardware

Losing a key either by you or any of your employees is not an uncommon occurrence. Anyone can lose key, and if this happens, a commercial locksmith in Raleigh NC can help you re-key your locks. In this process, the locksmith replaces old pins and springs from the lock cylinder with the new ones. That means now you will require a new key to unlock the door. This ensures all your important documents and money are kept safe behind the doors.

Re-keying is also necessary when an employee left your company and you are not sure whether they still have the key when their role was to handle critical documents and cash transactions. It is always a good idea to re-key your locks to ensure your documents remain safe from unauthorized people.

3 Commercial Lock Repair and Replacement

Lock repair is the primary job of a professional locksmith. The prolonged use can cause your locks to work imperfectly. Having damaged locks means they can fall apart any time, putting your business at a greater risk of being invaded. When you consult a certified commercial locksmith, they can examine lock’s condition and suggest whether it needs to be repaired or replaced.

However, if you lost your keys, it is best recommended that you get your locks changed. You can never know who have your keys and when they would access your office. Also, you may think that your keys are lost, but in reality they have been stolen for a bigger theft. In case of missing keys, you can also opt for re-keying the existing hardware, but this practice is advised only when your locks are working correctly.

4 Emergency Lockout Response

Commercial lockouts can happen for any reason, such as you misplacing the keys, lock malfunctioning or keys getting stuck inside the lock. Regardless of the reason, office lockouts are extremely frustrating, especially when you have an urgent meeting to attend and you have your important documents on the other side of the door. Moreover, your productivity is hampered when you and your employees are locked out. Each second lost means a potential sale is lost.

When you find yourself in this situation, it is best to contact a qualified locksmith who offers an emergency lockout response. In no time, they will visit your office place with all the necessary tools and equipment, so you can get inside as quickly as possible. Never try to forcefully open the doors on your own. It will only increase stress and anxiety.

5 Create Master Key

Building with multiple rooms can be complex to manage, which is why it is important to have a master key. Commercial locksmith helps you create a master key that allows you to unlock all the doors, and thus, eliminating the need for you to carry a bunch of keys for every room in your workplace.
This comes in handy when there is an emergency situation and you need to access a locked room. As a business owner, you can have a peace of mind that only you have access to all the rooms through a single key and your business is protected against unauthorized access.

Bottom Line

Hiring an expert locksmith Raleigh NC is a great decision whenever you find issues with locks in your business place. Dedicated commercial locksmiths are well-trained and experienced in handling all types of locks, and can often repair them on-site. Besides office door locks, commercial locksmiths can also help you repair the cabinet and safe locks where most of your critical documents reside, further enhancing the safety of your business.