How to Choose the Right Lawyer for Your Case


You never know when you might need the help of your lawyer. You could be walking down the street and get hit by a car that jumped the curb, then you might need medical and legal help. 

Sometimes, it’s not even clear what kind of a lawyer you need to hire because you might not understand the specifics of your case. Therefore, choosing the right lawyer can be challenging. 

For help, check out the following tips for choosing the right lawyer for your case. 

Know the Nature of Your Case

Think of lawyers like doctors, in the sense they also have specific specializations. If you have a stomach problem, you will certainly not go to a heart doctor for treatment. 

Therefore, you need to know the nature of your case to understand what lawyer you need. Fortunately, many lawyers offer free initial consultations and they can tell you whether they can or can’t help. For instance, family law covers custody cases, divorce, prenuptial agreements, and other spousal maintenance, among others.

You may also find attorneys who cover a large range of cases. They are normally known as general practicing attorneys. While normally you should find a lawyer that specializes in your area, the general attorneys are cheaper and they are usually all smaller communities have access to in their areas.

Look Into the Experience of Entire Firms

When you’re looking into law firms to help with your case, you shouldn’t only check the main attorney. Many people only look into the main lawyer and don’t even ask about the rest of the staff. Sometimes, the main attorney might not even be on the case but they show up to simply handle the clients. 

Therefore, you should look into the experience of all the staff that could possibly be handling your case. This includes the supporting lawyers, investigators, and specialists, among others. Find out their experience, background, and abilities. By understanding that, you can manage your expectations. 

Check Out Firms of All Sizes

The big firms might seem really nice, but the small firms have an appeal because they seem more affordable. Then, there are also medium-sized firms with their own pros and cons. 

While the big firms have their appeal, they are usually more interested in high-paying and big clients. Unless you’re in a class action or a big case, you might be better suited to a smaller law firm that cares about everyone who walks through its doors. They may be able to offer specialized services and give you the attention you need. 

For instance, you can make sure your personal injury lawyer covers all aspects of your case and makes a big fuss against the other party.

Ask About Their Billing Methods

The biggest issue with hiring lawyers is the money. Most people completely avoid hiring lawyers because they are afraid of the high bills that might rack up with their attorneys. Therefore, you need to understand the billing methods. 

In your first meeting, which is usually free, you can ask about their billing methods. It might be an hourly fee, flat rate, contingency fee, or they might need a retainer. Always try to negotiate. 

You should also find out about extra charges not included in their fee, like filing, shipping, and travel expenses.