How to Improve Your Stay in Corporate Housing: Travel and Packing Tips


Exploring a new place is a great reason to go on a trip. Whether you are doing it for work or leisure, it doesn’t make a difference. It’s thrilling to have the opportunity to see and do things that are outside of your usual routine.

It’s true that there might be difficulties while traveling. In this regard, having a place to stay is crucial. Each year, more than 1.4 billion individuals take a trip for either pleasure or work.  Whatever might be the reason, when you travel, having a lengthy stay at a hotel may take a toll financially.

What is a corporate rental and how it can make your stay economical and pleasurable are things we will be discussing in this article.

Learning About Corporate Apartments for Rent

Corporate housing was intended for short-term business guests. Over time, though, it has developed to provide the same for anybody who needs it even for longer durations. A lease might last as little as one week to many years.

So, why do individuals prefer corporate apartments for rent?

  • While browsing, you might get to see a page promoting temporary corporate housing companies. A cursory glance reveals some fascinating details. The most notable feature of corporate rental apartments is their coziness and familiarity, which reminds you of home. Most corporate rentals have modern appliances, chic decor, a fitness center, and much more. Plus, having maid service available constantly is a huge convenience.
  • Corporate housing allows for advantageous lease negotiations. You may reserve a room for a single night or for as long as an entire year. That eliminates the stress of frequently commuting looking for a place to stay.
  • Corporate suites are useful and affordable. There are places to work and access to the web at these establishments. All your routine office work can be done without leaving your place.

What to Bring to a Corporate Housing Stay?

How you pack is determined by how long your trip would be and where you will be staying. The various features of a corporate housing let you feel at home without having to bring a whole lot of things.

  1. Essentials

Discuss your medications with your doctor before leaving. Some doctors may recommend drugs to help you primarily in the event of an emergency. It will provide you with some more time to understand and implement the new pharmaceutical store near your place of stay.

If you need contact lenses, be sure you order and bring along enough to last the duration of your trip.  If you are looking for corporate housing, go over the nearby options to see which essentials are included and which are not.

It’s safe to assume that you already have the following in your apartment:

  • Linens for the bed
  • Towels
  • Pillows
  • Furniture
  • Home cookware
  • Basket, drying rack, pegs, hooks, iron, and ironing board for the laundry
  1. Corporate Housing Rentals in Big Cities

Corporate housing companies are offering great services in almost every major city and state. So, if you are looking for housing in a city like New York, do some preliminary research online. It will help them see what accommodations are available to them. You can plan ahead for a lot of things by renting one of the most convenient corporate apartments NYC. If you are interested in learning more about the facilities provided by business rentals, browsing their websites may be a good idea. Furthermore, it will point you in the direction of a secure rental home offered by reliable corporate housing companies.

  1. Pet Policy in Corporate Housing

A pet policy is a clause in a lease that specifies the conditions under which tenants may keep pets.  Read your lease thoroughly to understand if you can bring your pet with you or not. Any person who signs a lease is legally obligated to abide by its terms.

Lastly, travel with your pet’s current medical paperwork. Ask your vet whether your pet needs any shots or medicines before traveling.

  1. The Basics

First, pack carry-on essentials. It is not necessary to carry things that can be bought in a grocery store or pharmacy. Therefore, if you are running out of room, forgo some of these items.

  • A toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Hair care products (shampoo, conditioner, and body wash)
  • Hair tools, such as a hair dryer, a curling iron, and other similar implements
  • Anything applied to the face, including makeup, aftershave, face wash, and so on
  • Eyewear, lens care, and solution
  • Medications
  • Perfume
  1. Clothing

Follow the 37-item capsule wardrobe rule (including underwear and socks). It’s more than enough to last you a whole season and is chock full of pieces you can mix and match endlessly.

Image source: Pexels

  • Both males and females should bring at least 10 tops. According to the season, you may need more short- or long-sleeved shirts. Keep a short-sleeved shirt on hand at all times. Clothing layers are a great backup plan in case the weather turns cold.
  • A total of ten outerwear items would be enough. Two suit jackets, one raincoat or trench coat, one warm coat (fall/winter), one or two sweaters, and five or six cardigans.
  • There should be at least 8 bottoms total. Men should have three formal pants, one or two khakis, and three or four pairs of jeans. Most women should have two formal pants, three to four skirts, and three to four jeans.
  • You need at least 6 pairs of shoes: 4 for work and 2 for casual use.
  • Underwear and socks.
  1. Electronics

These will be necessary for your livelihood and maybe even your survival.

  • Laptop
  • USB port
  • Phone
  • Adapter for laptop
  • Phone charger
  • Portable hard drive
  • Four-way plugin
  1. Items for Taking notes and Study

Bring along any notebooks or journals you may wish to write in, as well as any pens or pencils you will need to do so.

Writing in a journal could be a therapeutic activity that aids in stress relief. Keeping a journal when traveling for work might be a soothing method to unwind every night and reflect over the day’s events. Carry your journal with you if you have the habit of using one regularly.

How to Improve Your Stay at Corporate Housing?

  1. Create a Cozy Ambience

If you are bringing your family with you, there are a few things to keep in mind when you start packing. Fill almost full boxes with homely things like pictures of loved ones and trip mementos.

If you are traveling with your kids, they might solace in familiar objects in unfamiliar settings.

  1. Learn What You Need in Terms of Furniture

The location of your corporate rental apartments may make or break a long-term work trip. Think about what you absolutely need and some amenities that would boost your quality of life. Corporate housings include Wi-Fi, a large work desk, and other home conveniences.

Image source: Pexels

Their goal is to make corporate housing seem like home and to cater for every guest’s requirements.

  1. Taking into Account High-End Extras

Consider luxury additions in addition to fully-furnished accommodations for a successful business trip. A wide variety of high-end amenities are available in most corporate housing.

Corporate housing offers private courtyards, gyms, rooftop decks, theaters, pools, and meeting rooms.

  1. Feel Free to Make Use of The Amenities 

Corporate apartments for rent offer additional space for families traveling together. The availability of furnished or serviced flats varies by city, but for some families, it’s a big comfort.

These options make packing and transporting a family’s furnishings not a compulsion. 

Corporate housing caters to residents’ needs. Take advantage of the convenient services provided for families while on vacation.

  1. Check the Security

Parents worry most about their children’s safety when they travel. The first few days after moving in, go through house safety with your kids. For discussion with young ones, consider the following topics:

  • Understanding the importance of learning one’s new address.
  • Learning all the local emergency and police numbers.
  • Making a note of important phone numbers in case of an emergency.
  • Deciding on a safe gathering spot for the family in the case of an evacuation process. 
  • Practicing routines such as door checks, visitor identification, and access.
  1. Organize Your Pet’s Future Care

Corporate apartments accept dogs at most locations, and many provide pet-friendly facilities. A long trip without dogs might be difficult for frequent travelers. Also, those who are fond of their pets prefer to take them along in their trips.

Compared to other staying options, most corporate housing accepts pets and also provides pet-friendly facilities. Pet owners should prepare ahead and call to discuss their pet’s needs, charges, and limits.

  1. Ease of Movement

When packing, be sure you choose bags and luggage that won’t impede your movement. Big bags on public transit are not a very good idea.

Invest in a set of roller bags with a briefcase attachment to make the most of your everyday travels. You may also buy some amazing business bags to increase your mobility.

  1. Get the Most Out of It

Even if you are going on a long work trip, it should not prevent you from having fun. Plan some fun activities for your leisure time to explore your nearby places. Corporate accommodation is located in walkable communities, so guests can easily reach attractions.

Final Thoughts

Corporate apartments are both practical and luxurious. There are necessary, low-cost executive suites available to cater to the needs of a business traveler or someone traveling with their family.

It was always the intention that corporate housing is used only by business travelers staying for a limited amount of time. But with changing times, it has evolved to offer the same for everyone who needs it, even for extended periods of time. The duration of a lease agreement might range from a few days to many years.

Picking the right vendors to work with should be given enough time and consideration. It’s smart to read reviews from happy customers before you decide to rent out a corporate housing.

All things said, corporate apartments give a person the feel of home away from home and cater to all their needs in a professional and well-managed manner.  So the next time you look for housing to stay either short time or long, do check out the corporate apartments for rent in your area.