How to Renew Your Teaching License?


Pursuing a teaching license is not necessary for the first stages of your teaching profession. After a few years as an international teacher, seeking a long-term career in education could be a good choice. Various advancement courses can help you in your teaching career.

Is It Necessary to Have a Teaching License to Work as a Teacher?

A teaching license is a certificate that enables you to teach legally in a specific field.

A teacher’s license is also known as a teaching certification in certain places. And other forms are known as teaching qualifications or credentials.

A state, province, or country can issue a teaching license. International schools and programs seeking to hire foreign educators are often a vital need.

To become a good educator, you should consider having a teaching course from a reputable platform. You may find an excellent online graduate course for teachers which offers you great opportunities. After getting the required advancement courses, you may decide to apply for a license. Or, if you already have one, you can just renew it.

Consider the criteria for keeping your teaching license current. As with other professional licenses, your teaching license must be renewed from time to time since it expires after a certain amount of time.

It is common for certified teachers to have a certificate to teach a particular grade or subject area. Or you can follow the required guidelines to have the teacher recertification credits.

In Which Criteria a Licensed Teacher Can Get a Job Smoothly?

  • Primary schools
  • English department
  • Math department
  • Science teacher
  • Phys ed instructors

Why Should You Obtain a Teaching License?

  1. Earning Potential Can Be Boosted

In a job description, schools may indicate their monthly wage range as $20,000 to $30,000. Teacher dissatisfaction with their pay is expected since many had hoped for a far better wage than was granted.

Official teaching licenses tend to attract more excellent remuneration than those without them. To have the license, first, you may create a solid base for yourself by considering online classes for teachers.

  1. Become a Teacher and Get a Job Anywhere

Teachers with valid licenses who have studied and worked abroad can return to their home countries. While staying abroad, they can decide to pursue a higher degree like a Ph.D. or Ed.D. It will help them create a solid foundation in their teaching career.

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Teachers with advanced degrees can apply for high-paying teaching jobs in their own countries and abroad. Before returning, they may take salary advancement courses as well. It will boost their chances of getting their teaching license sooner.

  1. Develop Your Skills as a Teacher

One of the most satisfying elements of being a teacher is being able to help students learn essential life lessons. With the license and certification program, educators can take on more duties and earn more money while still teaching.

Certification does more than enhance earning potential and broaden career options. Training of a higher caliber for educators results in improved education for students.

A thorough license and certification program will, of course, teach you all you need to know! Even if you have been teaching for 10 years, a formal license program may help you learn new approaches and fill skill gaps.

Licensing Requirements for Renewal

Every five years, licenses for professional educators must be renewed. Before renewing a Professional License, ensure all conditions have been met.

There is a minimum need of 150 PDPs for the primary license and an extra 30 PDPs for each subsequent license.

  • A Personal Development Plan for Career Advancement (IPDP).
  • Administrator signatures are required for educators in the function of licensing.
  • An application for renewal of a driver’s license is necessary.
  • Payment of any costs that may be incurred will be a fact.

License Validity and Application Process

Dates of Issuance and Validity

There is a defined time limit on the validity of each license. Provisional instructors must wait until their license expires to become Professional. Professional permits are invalid after five years.

Dates of License Validity

  • A Temporary license – This certificate is valid for one year of work. It can’t be expanded further if it isn’t already in the Provisional or Initial stages.
  • A Provisional License– It will be valid during the first five years of a new job. It can’t be expanded either; it has to go back to the beginning. When a Provisional license holder has more than one, they will be limited to five years of work under the license.
  • Initial License – The right to work for a company for five years might be renewed once. But it must be upgraded to Professional status to do so.
  • Professional License– The validity period is five years. After then, it can be renewed every five years.

Initial License

The initial license is suitable for five years and can be renewed for another five. Educators with a 5-year Initial license who don’t have Professional requirements can apply for an extension. “Under a license” means working in a specified job and grade while licensed.

How to apply to Extend the Initial Teaching License?

  • To speed up your Initial Extension license application, submit your form and payment via the ELAR website.
  • It is possible to submit a paper copy of the application, but the processing time is much longer.

Extension of Initial Licensing Guide and Template has a form to certify to Professional licensing criteria.

How to Apply to Renew the Professional License?

The Educator Licensure and Renewal (ELAR) system is the fastest method to renew your Professional license.

  • To renew your professional level license, go to the Welcome to ELAR home page.
  • Click the Apply to renew your professional level license link.
  • If you follow the instructions and pay the fees, your licenses will renew automatically. ($100 for your primary license and $25 for supplementary licenses)
  • Unless you are chosen for an audit, do not send in any of your supporting documents.
  • If you are chosen for an audit, you must provide proof of your renewed license(s).

The Office of Educator Licensure no longer sends printed certificates.

Educators and supervisors must create IPDP professional development programs to boost student progress. The minimum number of PDPs should be included in each person’s professional development plan. It will help the educator to get the license smoothly.

  • At the very least, 15 PDPs worth of material
  • At least 15 pedagogical PDPs are available
  • At least 15 PDPs connected to SEI or English as a Second Language (ESL)
  • A minimum of 15 PDPs are devoted to educating students with disabilities and those with varying learning styles.


Getting the license or renewing one takes time. There are some fundamentals to follow as well. We have tried our best to gather some essential aspects of having your teaching license. After you are done with the best advancement courses, make sure to apply for your teaching license.