Improve Your Internet Connection with These Simple Methods!


A glitchy internet is something we all hate, whether we are streaming Netflix or doing video conferences. However, sometimes the problem is not associated with the ISP or the internet plan. Instead, a few tweaks in your router, modem, and internet-connected devices are what solve the whole problem altogether. Here are some easy methods to try out if you want to improve your internet connection.

Upgrade Your Router

If you are using an old router with your high-speed internet plan, there are significant chances that you won’t be able to enjoy the real speeds. Routers that are outdated or old lack particular features, and also have decreased performance, causing slower and poorer internet connections in your home.

The advancement of technology has allowed many new types of routers to become exceptionally common in the market. For example, you might want to check out mesh Wi-Fi routers. Mesh networking refers to a system that creates multiple access points or Wi-Fi nodes for your devices to connect to. In contrast to regular routers that have only one channel or access point for the devices to connect to, the mesh routers are able to reroute traffic on various channels. This ensures minimal congestion, and therefore the data and signals travel through much faster.

Mesh routers are also highly recommended for larger households with various corners and spots where internet signals do not reach.

However, you don’t necessarily have to opt for a mesh networking router. You can choose a basic or regular router but go for a newer and improved model compatible with your internet plan’s speed. Mesh routers are more suitable for large family households and are pricier as well.

Use Wi-Fi Extenders

Wi-Fi extenders are also referred to as signals repeaters. These devices connect to your existing internet router, and through a wireless connection provide internet signals in a spot far from the router’s location. This is an excellent solution if you wish to improve internet connection in a far-away spot in your house where the main router is unable to provide ample internet signals. These extenders are called “repeaters” because they rebroadcast the internet signals received from the router to your devices, such as laptops and mobile phones.

Any area of your house, such as a corner room or backyard, where internet signals are weak is referred to as a “dead zone”. The main reason behind you not getting enough internet signals or experiencing more lags is because the router is unable to broadcast stable signals at such long distances. A Wi-Fi extender does exactly what its name suggests, it “extends” the signals to your desired location.

Configure Your Devices

If you have done everything in your capacity to fix the router and modems, but the internet connection is still weak, it’s time to look into your devices. There may be multiple unused devices connected to your internet, like an old laptop or a gaming console not in use. Some devices like smartphones and tablets have several background apps running. This takes up a lot of internet bandwidth for no reason.

The background apps can be switched off, especially if they are of no use to you. Just go to your phone’s settings and disable such apps. Other processes such as auto syncs, auto upgrades, and push notifications also unnecessarily take up your internet bandwidth. Make sure you switch off push notifications of apps that you barely use. You should also disable the auto-download of software upgrades so that no such heavy downloads are happening without your knowledge.

While fixing these settings can really help you boost your internet connection, there is one more important thing. It is possible that your devices such as mobile phones and laptops are too old to be working properly. Hard disk space, battery health, leftover memory space, and old software are some factors that can significantly disrupt internet speeds. If you are using a very old laptop, there are high chances that it has a bunch of files and even some viruses and malware as well. These things make it difficult for the laptop to utilize the full potential of your internet connection. In such cases, try to discard these old devices and invest in new ones. The results will be worth it!

Reposition Router Antennas

Whether you have a new or an older model of a router, it is most likely to have external antennas. Some routers don’t have external routers, so you don’t really have control over how they are positioned since they are installed internally.

For routers with external antennas, just adjusting the position of the antennas can be a huge game changer. Make sure the router antennas are positioned upright and are not pointing towards or against a wall or any other solid blockage. If there are more than 2 antennas, the center antenna should always be in an upright position. Meanwhile, the side or corner antennas can be at different angles depending on what direction you want to beam the signals in. Whatever angle the antennas are at, just make sure they are pointing in the same direction.

Try Out Ethernet Connection

We are all really dependent upon and used to wireless connections. When was the last time you connected your laptop or PC to the router through a wire?

While wireless connectivity is extremely convenient and avoids all sorts of wire clutters, it might not be the most stable kind. You must try out connecting your devices like game consoles and PCs to the router through an Ethernet cable. When you are connected to the internet through a wired connection, there are little to no issues with network traffic. Your internet signals do not have to travel through wireless channels, therefore traffic is never the issue.

Moreover, the internet signals travel a shorter distance when connected through an Ethernet cable. As a result, there is minimal data loss when the data is sent from one point to another. This is the cheapest yet most effective way to improve the internet connection in your home. The only drawback of this method is that you might not be able to connect many devices at a time, and your device’s mobility will also become restricted.

Finally, the Good Old Trick – Restart Your Modem and Routers

As basic as it may sound, the good old trick of restarting your router and modem is still very effective. Network congestion and memory overload can be quickly overcome if you restart the device. When you switch off the router and turn it back on, the channels through which data was traveling get all wiped. Resultantly, when you connect your devices back to the router, the data travels at a much faster rate!

The Bottom Line

The simple and easy tips and tricks discussed in this article have proved to be quite effective for most people. If you subscribe to AT&T internet, you can dodge the issue of old and poor quality equipment. Instead, AT&T offers advanced Wi-Fi 6 routers and whole home Wi-Fi coverage with all its internet plans. You must learn more about its monthly rental and other important policies before subscribing. Just give a call at 1-855-925-2541 to have an expert assist you!