Is PMP Certification Worth Considering in 2022?


In changing times, we have found that the market for project managers is quite saturated now. Hence, project managers are looking out for ways to stand out in the crowd and make themselves look commendable among all the competitors. All project managers start from junior levels and grow their way up in the organizations. This helps them gain valuable experience and support the organization in a better way. 

PMP Certification Benefits:

The main benefits of achieving a PMP certification are listed below. But this resource to achieving PMP certification can be of great help to you as a project manager. 

  • PMP certification is highly regarded and widely recognized across the world. PMP certification is recognized in over 80 countries across the world.
  • The PMP certification has gained international recognition, and the demand for PMP-certified professionals has grown over time.
  • Professionals can profit from the PMP certificate in addition to their core qualifications.
  • To earn a PMP credential, you must complete comprehensive training. Planning, initiation, implementation, monitoring, and control are among the five main project management processes that you will learn.

Since 2018 the value of the PMP certification has greatly increased. It is mostly demanded higher positions. If we look at the progress, there has been a 25% increase in the demand for PMP certification since 2018. 

Project and program managers who pass the PMP exam and receive formal PMP certification can expect significant pay raises. As a result, you now understand the value of the PMP certification and how the PMP certification advantages can improve your future career.

Is PMP Certification Worth Consider for Your Career?

Without a doubt, PMP certified managers earn more than non-certified project managers. However, this gain occurs only once the test is passed. 

You’ll put in the effort to pass the exam before you can get the raise. Given that the PMP test is not just pricey and difficult, you may wonder if it is worth the pain, time, and money.

PMP Investment Cost Vs. Salary

Refer to the PMP Cost section. To obtain the PMP certificate, you will need to pay around $1000. Refer to the section on PMP salaries now. A PMP-certified project manager might possibly make 20 percent higher compensation than a non-PMP professional. Given these considerations, the income advantages surpass the expense of taking the PMP. Depending on where you live, you might return your investment in as little as 2-3 months.

We recommend that you ignore the expense of the investment and get started on your PMP preparation right now. Delaying your PMP certification might result in a significant financial loss.

Final Verdict:

Project managers are increasingly in demand across the world. Look at here to start your journey toward the PMP certification. Unlike many other career-oriented certifications that focus on a specific domain or geography, the PMP has value across a wide range of industries in almost every major country on the planet. 

There is no refuting that PMP certification is expensive. It is also one of the most challenging professional examinations. However, your hard effort will be rewarded if you pass the exam.