LASIT is a laser marking innovation


For laser engraving and marking, Lasit has designed and manufactured standard and custom laser machines since 1990. Through its research and development department, Lasit has continued to offer the highest standards of technology with new releases and developments in state-of-the-art equipment. The mechanics of our products have been improved, 

Automated systems, hardware, and software. In order to meet customers’ needs when it comes to both custom and specialized projects, Lasit analyzes all production requirements and applies practical and innovative solutions. An engineering team made up of mechanical, electrical, software, and applications engineers with over 20 years in the industry, 

With Lasit, you can design and manufacture a wide range of marking and engraving systems, deep cutting systems, and precision microperforation systems.A manufactures all of its products on-site, using high-quality components that are reliable and durable. With Lasit’s laser laboratory, customers can take advantage of R&D and feasibility studies with a wide range of lasers for testing including C02, Fiber (short and long pulse), CW, Green, Vanadate, and UV lasers. To recommend the best solution, we provide a detailed scientific report with all the testing parameters.

How does a laser work?

A laser is an optical device that stimulates the emission of light. Light particles (photons) excited by the current release energy in the form of light. In this case, the light is bundled together. Thus, a laser beam is created.

Humanity’s most important invention, lasers play a fundamental role in our daily lives; they are used in almost everything from electronics to modern medicine to defense.

In the industry, lasers are used every day for engraving, marking, welding, cutting, drilling, cleaning, measuring, and detection. Our production tools have become more powerful thanks to lasers!

There are three parts to every laser:

Source of external pumping

Activation medium for lasers

A resonator

Energy is directed to the laser from the pump source through the pump source. Lasers contain active laser medium inside them. There are three types of laser medium: gas mix (CO2 laser), crystal body (YAG laser) or fibreglass (fibre laser). By transferring energy through the pump to the laser medium, radiation is produced.

A laser’s active medium is positioned between two mirrors, called a “resonator”. There is a one-directional mirror among these. The resonator amplifies the light emitted by the active laser medium.

At Through the one-directional mirror, only certain radiation can leave the resonator. Laser radiation is this directed radiation.