Logo Color and Their Meanings: A Complete Guide


If your logo is your face, then the color of your logo is its personality. Colors have the superpower to penetrate souls and the depth of minds, other than forming your brand or business identity.

If you choose the right colors, you can convey your values and vision much easier. This is because colors are more than just aesthetics. They also work psychologically, forcing our brains to feel particular emotions. 

That’s why color psychology is deeply rooted in any great logo design. It’s a very nuanced and delicate science that needs in-depth knowledge of colors and their latent meaning. 

So, consider carefully before selecting the color for your logo. Here are some popular colors and what you can get out of them:

  1. Black & White

The absence of color and the most neutral color have proven to have significant pull separately, but when you join them correctly, they can be timeless. Black is the most traditional signifier of professionalism, glamor, luxury, sophistication, and power. And white is a very efficient second color that refers to clarity, peace, and purity. Many brands, like Forbes, WWF, Gucci, Puma, Apple, Adidas, Nike, Sony, Prada, and The New York Times, have created logos with this eternal combination.

  1. Red

Red has always been a favorite color for logo designers, as red signifies many raw emotions. It’s a color that draws eyes and is known as the color of love. It has an almost monopoly over the food industry as the color can enhance blood flow and make us hungry. If you want your logo and business to be seen as energetic, loving, comforting, and to have a loud presence, then red is your color. Some great brands with red logos are Coca-Cola, H&M, Nutella, Mcdonald’s, CNN, Youtube, and many more.

  1. Blue

Blue is also a very popular primary color among logo makers. Blue refers to calmness, spirituality, stability, wisdom, respectability, and trust. It’s a go-to choice for banking and medical companies. But it can be a great source of assuredness, and that’s why it can be a great choice for any Construction Logo Design and any constructive company. Some of the biggest brands that have adopted blue as their logo are Boeing, Dell, Ford, Visa, HP, IBM, PayPal, Intel, Pepsi, GM, BlueCross, Facebook, Bank of America, etc.

  1. Green

The green color takes us back to nature and gives a soothing rest to our eyes. It depicts growth, naturality, fertility, harmony, health, and tranquility. It has worked out best for the companies that share a connection to nature or show a willingness to remain as natural as possible. Some famous logos in green are Starbucks, Heineken, Tropicana, Animal Planet, Spotify, Whole Foods Market, etc.

  1. Orange

Orange had been neglected in the world of logos for a long time. But in modern times, it has turned out to be a safe bet if your company wants to show happiness, vitality, innovation, prosperity, and creativity. Besides the famous brands, it has served quite well the nonprofit organizations, startups, and tech companies and accentuates logos. Some world-famous brands with orange logos are Hermes, JBL, Nickelodeon, Harley Davidson, FedEx, Mastercard, Soundcloud, Amazon, etc.

  1. Yellow

The yellow color is the synonym for friendliness, warmth, youthfulness, positivity, and abundant optimism. Therefore, it’s usually avoided by exclusive or luxury brands. In contrast, brands that want their products to be relatable and popular among the mass market often select yellow to refer to the affordability factor to their audience. Some famous logos in yellow are Subway, Shell, IKEA, Snapchat, DHL, Best Buy, National Geographic, Bumble, etc.

  1. Pink 

Considered an exclusively feminine color, the pink color used to be quite limited in its use anywhere, more so in business marketing. But as the traditional conceptions are crumbling and new layers of gender are being celebrated, pink is getting its due. It can mean love, romance, and sexuality too. Some great logos in pink are Baskin Robbins, LG, T-Mobile, Johnson & Johnson, Haier, Lyft, Anna Wolf, etc. 

  1. Purple

Purple can give you luxury and sophistication without all the grave seriousness of the black color. It also invokes mysteriousness, the cool factor, authenticity, high quality, and royalty. As a result, purple has been one of the top choices for cosmetic brands and high-end retailers. It also comes off well with complementary and even contrasting colors. The best logos in purple are FedEx, Cadbury, Taco Bell, Hallmark, Yahoo, Benq, Roku, etc.


Color psychology has been a pillar of graphic design for quite some time now, though scientific data don’t back all its references. Nevertheless, the color wheel has been a life-saver for designers, and it has created some logos and brand images that have passed the test of time with flying colors.