Marvel Future Revolution Gameplay- Pro Tips To Upgrade

Marvel Future Revolution

Mobile gaming has not just been able to take over the market over the past few years. It’s now the new market. Marvel is the film and comics giant behind iconic characters like Spiderman, Captain America, and Hulk is now taking advantage of this trend with their free-to-play mobile ARPG, the MARVEL Future Revolution. This guide contains eight top tips to instantly upgrade your gameplay in the Marvel Future Revolution.

Tips to Improve Your Experience with Marvel Future Revolution

The game came out in August 2021 and received a positive reception from the critics. It was also well-loved by fans across the world. It let players take control of iconic characters from MARVEL Future Revolution’s roster including Captain America, Doctor Strange, and Spider-Man. In addition, the characters had their own unique abilities and unique gameplay.

While this is positive, it is also a sign that the game could become confusing for beginners and the distinct learning curves associated with the game and its distinct characters.

Choose A Main Character

Selecting a great main character to suit the Marvel Future Revolution gameplay is critical. You can choose a tanky combatant or a supporting character that is more effective in a team. You’ll rely on them to create your group.

No matter what your character’s stage is, it’s always a good idea that they remain with you until they reach max. Your main character will get lots of gear and bonuses that render them indispensable, so it’s essential to keep them on hand. Also, make sure to login every day to MARVEL Future Revolution and receive the enticing bonuses for your character.

Learn to Fly and Avoid

In contrast to other mobile games that have soft characters at the beginning, the MARVEL Future revolution’s early heroes are tough. This makes the first few levels simple and also means that players who are new aren’t able to master an essential move that is called dodge.

We’re here to tell you that’s a mistake.

The damage your characters suffer to progressing missions in MARVEL Future Revolution is exponentially greater, so if you stand in the middle of a battle your mission is done. Use the dodge button as fast as you can to be able to defeat more powerful enemies.

Change Your Settings

The customizability you have for marvel future revolution gameplay is among the most amazing features of this game. You can change any thing you want, from graphical settings like the frame rate, screen shake to the automatic counter settings. You expect us to tell which combination we think will work the best for your device.

Beep Beep, you’re wrong! Instead of suggesting a one size fits all configuration We’ll suggest trying out. There’s no limitation on what you can do in this world, so try different settings to discover the best settings for your style.

But, we’ll tell you that you should definitely check out the screen shake, especially if your characters are fast like Spiderman.

Don’t Forget to Equip Your Gear

MARVEL Future Revolution is a similar open-world RPG. It is unique in that it has the feature of having a vast variety of loot such as clothing, suits, and armor. After just a few missions, it starts earning the player enough gear to completely fill your inventory!

If you’re starting out, here’s a tip that’ll simplify the game ensure you’re using the most effective equipment you can find, along with any superior equipment that you can get in loot. The stat bonuses can be quite significant so a small piece of gear could make an enormous difference.

Please don’t go around dismantling your gear

Are you aware of how the Marvel Future Revolution gives you tons of loot? If you’re a regular player your inventory will soon fill up with items you don’t want. Are you aware of the urge to dispose of everything you don’t really need right now?

It’s best to avoid it. Like, please.

Make sure that you have a place to store all the gear you acquire. This is among the best ways to stay active within the game. The reason’s simple too: a very useful aspect of the Marvel Future Revolution gameplay is that you can share your loot among different heroes, giving less leveled characters the to gain the boost they desperately require.

Don’t make a profit from your regional costumes, no matter the way you sell them. Your fascinating futuristic revolution game will make them more important.

As soon as you can, join or form an alliance

We don’t need to explain how it is more enjoyable playing in an alliance or a clan than playing on your own in online MMO or RPG games. It allows you to enjoy yourself, interact with others and get access to the latest game-specific tricks and information. In MARVEL Future Revolution, you can join or form an alliance after completing an epic mission named “2 12 Assemble’. 12 Assemble’.

After learning the basics of the marvel gameplay We recommend you form an alliance. One of the better benefits of being in an alliance, by the way, is that here you will earn rewards that are rare by just playing the game in one!

Make sure to check your Activity Keep Track of Rewards Frequently

You can access your Activity Log in-game under the Records tab. In this section, you’ll be able to slowly accomplish passive goals while playing the game with different characters and heroes. The thing is, though there are a lot of, and we mean a lot of missions you must finish. On top of that the rewards you earn in this game aren’t automatically collected.

It’s a good idea to check your Activity Log every few days. You’ll often earn tons of rewards simply by checking it regularly. This is particularly crucial when you’re just beginning to learn, as there are numerous objectives and missions that focus on the start of the game. They will also assist you in different aspects of Marvel Future Revolution gameplay.

For space-saving, remove your badges

Did we mention that your inventory in Marvel Future Revolution’s going to fill up quickly? One of the worst causes for this will be the badges you earn while playing, which can easily cause congestion in a game that you’re familiar with. To save your space for valuable loot take down all the 1 and 2 Star badges you receive, as they’re barely necessary.

Alternatively, you can also use the Squad Storage function to share badges and other resources across different heroes if you want to keep the badges and resources. You can do whatever you like and discover your game of the future!


With that, we’re going to end this collection of suggestions for Marvel’s brand new game for mobile, MARVEL Future Revolution. Remember, in the end, if you really are looking to improve your skills the game, there’s nothing better to do it than by playing the game actively, so get out there and begin to grind!