Is Your Phone Flickering? Try These Fixes By Phone Repair Shop Hamilton


Imagine a phone behaving oddly, and the display is constantly glitching and flickering, affecting your eyes. How frustrating is that? Did you buy your phone just to see it flicker one day? Have you spent a considerable amount of money on flickering? Of course not. Whether you are an iPhone or Android user, seeing your phone going through a difficult patch is hard. Smartphones are the beloved gadgets we like to keep close to our hearts, whether our use is personal or professional. There are various reasons behind a phone flickering. Your phone might have malfunctioned, buggy software, or loose connections. If you don’t know how to identify the cause of the problem, you must contact Evo Repairs, a phone repair shop Hamilton to help you identify the issue and suggest the best possible solution. Your phone can be fixed, but you must be patient. Below mentioned are some of the fixes you must try before concluding anything. 

  1. Reboot Your Smartphone

You might have heard about this fix a millionth time. Rebooting a smartphone is the first and foremost solution if you face any problem with your phone. Rebooting refreshes your phone’s memory and eliminates all the glitches and flickering from your phone. A restart will kill every third-party activity in the background responsible for the issue in your phone. It will also refresh the memory of your phone. Turn your phone on after a restart and see if the flickering issue has been eliminated. If it has, it was a software issue that is now resolved. If it hasn’t, you must move on to some more fixes. 

  1. Hard Reset

Rebooting and restarting was the most basic fix for your phone. You must try a hard reset if it hasn’t solved your problem. Although this fix is the last resort, it can solve the issue if you suspect the flickering is severe. Performing a hard reset deletes and remove all the data and content from your phone. Suppose you have images, videos, documents, files, or sensitive information stored in your smartphone. In that case, you might consider backing up your device first, as a local phone repair shop suggested. If your phone has unprocessed data, a hard reset will clear it. Sometimes, unwanted and unnecessary apps can cause flickering in your phone. Be sure to identify these apps and uninstall them instantly. 

  1. If you are using Android, this fix is for you.

Have you heard about a safe mode? Do you know what it does? It lets you use your phone without the interference of any third-party app. Switching to safe mode if you are experiencing flickering issues is recommended by Samsung phone repair Hamilton. It is unlike a factory reset because it doesn’t delete or remove any data from your phone. However, you must remember that the safe mode is a diagnostic feature. It won’t if you are waiting for it to solve the flickering issue. It will let you know if the third-party app is responsible for phone flickering. If the flickering issue disappears if you turn it on and appears if you turn it off, note that the third-party app is the culprit. 

  1. Turn off the Hardware Overlays

When displaying graphics, your smartphone decides whether its GPU or CPU will handle the job. If you have an aged phone and have been using it for years, it may be facing difficulty with the screen composition, thus the flickering problem. You can disable or switch off the hardware overlays to eliminate the problem. To do that, you must turn on the developer option. Smartphone repair Hamilton suggests going to the settings of your Android, clicking on the system, going to About, and selecting the software information. You will see an option for the Build number. Click it several times till you become a developer. Once you are done, look for developer options and find disable hardware overlays. Tap on it to turn it off. 

  1. Check the Updates

This fix solves almost every problem. Updating your smartphone must be first on your list when the update comes. Updating eliminates all the bugs, glitches, and malfunctions from your phone and improves security updates. Go to settings, software updates, and see if any update is available. If yes, download and install it immediately. If no update is available, you must contact the manufacturer or any authentic repair experts, like in the phone repair shop Hamilton, and let them take a closer look at your phone. They will monitor your display screen and diagnose why it is flickering. Once they figure it out, they will tell you the possible solutions to fix the issue. You must have complete faith in them. You can get your phone repaired in an hour or two. Be patient and wait for your phone to get fixed. Enjoy it, and feel free to tell these fixes to your friends and family member. 

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