Smart appointment scheduling systems are needed by people working in education

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Appointment scheduling software is an essential requirement for any school. Koalendar should be your first choice if you are searching for the best free appointment scheduler. Schools and teachers can use it in their everyday lives because of its many useful features. Besides easy integration with Google Calendar and Google Meet, it also offers zoom functionality.

This is a great time to schedule parent-teacher conferences

When it comes to scheduling parent teacher conferences online, Koalendar is the solution you’re looking for. Thousands of schools are using it as a education scheduling software for virtual parent-teacher conferences because it is affordable and easy to use.

Easily integrates with your teachers’ Google calendars

Use Google products in your daily work life as a Google (G-Suite/Workspace) school? The seamless integration between Google Calendar and Koalendar will please your staff and teachers!

Online booking system for parents evenings

Koalendar is designed to make scheduling appointments for educators as easy and convenient as possible. There will be a great experience for your teachers as well as for their parents. You don’t have to spend hours helping everyone schedule their appointments since there is no distraction, no complicated settings, and everything is straightforward.

Meetings with groups

Per time slot, you can accept one or more people. For one-on-one conferences with parents, go with one person, and if you’re planning an online class meeting, increase the number to 15 or more.

Integrate Google Meet & Zoom

Koalendar generates corresponding meeting links automatically for each new appointment if you choose Zoom or Google Meet as your meeting location on your scheduling page. You’ll receive the same Zoom/Google Meet link if you hold an event or a group meeting, so everyone can join the same virtual video conferencing room.

Let parents fill in their details

In your booking form, you can include any question you like. You could ask, for example, which student the parent of is, and which teachers they would like to meet. In addition, they may wish to discuss what they would like to discuss during your conference.