5 Reasons You Need A Social Media Content Calendar

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A successful strategy for social media requires a well-organized strategy, relevant content that connects with your followers and a well-organized strategy for content creation to attract your desired audience and meet your goals for your business. The foundation of the strategy lies design of the social media content calendar.

According to HubSpot the companies that post at least 16 posts on social networks each month, generate 3.5 percent more visitors than those who post fewer than four times. However, the fact that 63% of companies do not have a properly documented strategy for marketing content, including even a calendar of content.

What is a Social Media Content Calendar?

An online content calendar for social media enables your company to plan the upcoming social media posts onto an editorial calendar by date, allowing you to monitor deadlines and help manage your content team. Each calendar for content creation must be tailored to suit your particular strategy for social media The typical content calendar will contain the following components:

  • The time and date of the post will be live
  • Social network and account on which it will appear
  • Every post’s copy and graphic assets (e.g. photographs video, graphics, photos)
  • The hashtags and links to be used in the post
  • Any other pertinent data (e.g., Instagram feed post or. Instagram story?)

5 Key Benefits of a Social Media Content Calendar

There are five advantages of creating a content calendar to plan your social media strategy across different platforms, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram:

1. Supports a Consistent Stream of Social Media Posts

No matter if your goal is to increase your following and increase engagement or even advertise an upcoming webinar It’s essential to keep an ongoing stream of relevant useful and engaging content across all your social media platforms.

Regularly appearing on the feeds of your targeted users is a crucial step for effectively engaging them. If you post on a regular frequency increase the reach of your content by utilizing a social media platform’s algorithm. This means that the content you post will get viewed by a wider audience and will further increase the reach of your potential customers.

By filling your social media calendar with monthly posts and ensuring that your business has an ongoing schedule of posting regardless of whether your content team is required to think of new post ideas in a slower time frame, or is being pressured to come up with ideas before an important occasion.

2. Generates Higher-Quality Content

In the digital age production costs for social media have risen dramatically. It’s not uncommon to see a single social media post have a group of creatives on it, from designers and copywriters to photographers and video editors.

With these increased expectations, your customers are looking for innovative and eye-catching social posts on a frequent schedule. If you post content that isn’t of high quality, it could be the difference in the sale of customers to competitors.

A calendar of social media content can help you efficiently and effectively manage your resources – both human as well as digital. This will allow your team to stay clear of late-night social posts. This will ultimately provide your content team with the tools required to create their most effective work. Additionally, it can help to ensure a consistent brand voice through content that aligns with your marketing objectives.

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3. Saves Time by Ensuring Organization

Like other aspects of your day-to-day business activities, a successful marketing strategy for social media requires patience and careful planning. When you create an online content calendar for social media it will simplify your content creation process by constantly brainstorming ideas and scheduling the future content for your social media platforms.

For example, if you know about the launch of a new product in the next month, you could develop promotional content, gather images to go along with posts and schedule them in advance for the scheduled posting dates throughout the promotion. By planning and creating the social posts ahead of time, you can minimize the possibility of a crucial post falling off the radar while also ensuring that your posts are posted in the time your users are most active on every site on social networks.

4. Reduces the Risk of Mistakes

Utilizing a social media content planner to map your social posts ahead of time, you can create solid, reliable protocols before when a post is scheduled to be published. Text editing, fact-checking as well as vetting the post by the relevant departments within your business (e.g. legal team) are much simpler to do when you can accomplish this a few days or weeks ahead of time. This will also prevent embarrassing errors and typos on your posts, and even an embarrassing social media incident for your business.

5. Allows You to Plan For Relevant Social Moments

Not to be left out the Social media calendar provides you with the artistic and operational capacity to follow trends in social media like “National Selfie Day,” major holidays, and other national celebrations in an on-brand manner. It also allows your company to prepare for the event on time and prevent last-minute and haphazard errors in content that could damage your image.

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