Spy Bluetooth Earpiece Set


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Spy Bluetooth earpiece

If you are looking for a next-generation device that can help you get there without much hassle, then the Spy Bluetooth earpiece is the gadget for you. This device is a revolutionary invention that allows students to receive information in real-time from an external source.

The headset is connected to a cell phone and information is relayed to the student through an audio signal in the student’s ear.

With this device, students can get accurate information about questions and they can even repeat them later.

To use this device, simply pre-record your exam information on your mobile device.

Then you connect the invisible earpiece to your phone.

Then you have to leave your phone fully charged in a remote place while you just bring the headset into the exam room. You can then play the pre-recorded mp3 via Bluetooth to get your answers to the test.

Spy Bluetooth Glasses Earpiece

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The new touch-sensitive Bluetooth glasses earpiece all the advantages of a Bluetooth pen and enhance the secret communication function. More importantly, it solved the problem of short transmission distance. You can hear clearly in invisible headphones and whisper to your partner with the new touch-sensitive Bluetooth glasses.

 The Bluetooth glasses are designed to be extremely compact by putting the Bluetooth module, listening coil, and rechargeable battery into a small frame. The depth of the glass frame is only 5.8mm. No one will be able to find this touch-sensitive Bluetooth headset as a built-in headphone transmitter unless it has been thoroughly researched. 

The Bluetooth module provides a connection to a mobile phone within 10 meters. Alternating current from the Bluetooth module flows through the induction coil. The coil generates a magnetic field and drives the receiving coil inside a headset that is invisible in the magnetic field. Invisible headphones should be worn in the left ear because the inductive hearing coil is integrated on the left side of the glasses frame. Flat glass, you can change it to any degree you like. For more information please click here romaio.com

Spy Bluetooth Watch Earpiece

Bluetooth Watch for Wireless Spy Earpiece

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Features of Touchscreen Bluetooth Watch

  • The watch has multi-function keys and a microphone is easy to operate
  • Connect wirelessly to headphones or hearing aids
  • Hands-free mobile phone communication
  • Voice dialing is available (requires mobile carrier support)
  • Battery life 6 hours talk or 60 hours standby
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Cool blue light indicator
  • Regular sports watch for you to use
  • Three colors for your choice (black, yellow, and red)

Details of Bluetooth Spy Watch

The difference between our new Bluetooth pen and Bluetooth watch

The features are:

The distance between the watch and the headset is much larger

Pen (pen about 6 cm and new watch about 22 cm) with battery life (3 hours of talk time or 60 hours of standby) much easier to use and hide

The watch can be used in many places. All kinds of people are more common and suitable.

Different colors for you to choose from. Ladies, you can choose a red watch that suits your needs

Specification of Touchscreen Bluetooth Watch

The Bluetooth earpiece is T9

Transmission range: 

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