5 Key Elements For a Successful PPC Campaign

PPC Campaign

We are often asked about the most crucial components of the PPC campaign and what to look for when managing PPC campaigns through Google Ads. In this regard, we have decided to create an inventory of the elements that we believe contribute the most to a successful PPC campaign.

1. Campaign structure

The campaign’s structure must be logical. It is important to organize your campaign around themes or topics, geofencing, or any other rational arrangement or idea that will ensure smooth performance and reduce the chance that you will lose your keywords.
Make utilization of SKAG ad groups and see the types of keyword matches that perform best over time.

2. Formats for ads

As we previously mentioned in our earlier article as we mentioned in our previous article, it is crucial to utilize all formats of ads to see what works best for you. Use Extended Search Ads Call-only ads and Responsive Search Ads whenever you can. Try Dynamic Ad Groups and find out how it performs.
The more options for formatting we offer to Google more choices for formatting, the higher the chance we will increase the number of impressions and general exposure of our ads. Make sure to use ads with different lengths, and don’t forget to include the relevant keywords for each advertisement.

3. Conversion tracking

One of the most common problems we see over time is accounts that don’t have any information about conversion tracking. Before launching a campaign make sure you install a conversion tracking code on your website to monitor the effectiveness of the campaign. In a lot of cases, minimal development may be required to set up the conversion codes, however, it is essential to monitor the effectiveness and engagement of PPC campaigns. Some conversion actions don’t require code (like the basic tracking of calls) therefore it is essential to check that the conversion code works.

4. Utilization of ad extensions

When the campaign is ready to launch, be sure that you’ve applied for an ad extension. They tend to boost not just the optimization score of your PPC account but also result in a higher CTR and, often, a higher quality score.
If you’re advertising locally-based businesses ensure that you connect your Google My Business page to Google Ads so that visitors can navigate to your brick-and-mortar shop easily. For lead-gen campaigns, double-check that call tracking is functioning and functioning properly.

5. Analysis of data

The majority of PPC campaigns require attention, despite the widespread belief that all activities are automated.
While we can see a significant improvement in the automated bidding process Machine learning is based upon search trends which can be altered because of changes in the patterns of search like what we’ve observed in COVID-19. Therefore, good PPC campaigns must be checked at least every week and we will continue testing and evaluating possibilities including bid adjustment.
Micromanagement helps to refine the overall performance and get the most out of Google Ads.

If these aspects are in place and monitored and reviewed, we can be able to conduct profitable campaigns with Google Ads and generate more leads, traffic, and calls for our clients.