Ten Reasons Why Parents Choose Online QuestMath Tutoring


In the modern era of learning when the whole world is sprinting at the lightning speed, it is undoubtedly the most difficult task for most parents to decide the best for their children in the field of education. Parents most of the time are in the state of the dilemma of which could be the best learning platform for their kids because the future of their kids depends upon their decision of which platform they choose for their kids.

In today’s global scenario when the world is looking forward to multidimensional learning, it becomes necessary for parents to explore more and more options so that they could opt for the best option for their kids, and in the summer, this always starts and ends with the best summer math camps. It has been observed that there are certain common factors that most parents consider while searching for an online math course. You are advised to go through the reasons listed below so that you could come to know about what people generally look after while searching for online math courses and also you would come to know about what the QuestMath training platform offers.

  1. Our platform offers you the four-step learning approach which is approved and recommended by world-class institutes and top researchers of the world. The four-step learning concept is elaborated as:

Learn- Visualize concepts, build reasoning skills, and understand the why.

Sprint- Ace mental maths skills, achieve accuracy and build speed.

Apply- Master word problems, ace real-life applications.

Challenge- Learn to integrate concepts, and master advanced problem-solving.

  • This platform includes the best of the RussianMath program along with the SingaporeMath program to deliver the best results. RussianMath program comprises the concept of visualization & reasoning skills while problem-solving & real-life application skills are based on the Singapore math program.
  • This platform assists every student to realize their math potential through a vast range of curricula available on our website. All QuestMath tutors have Level 3 certification by Learning Quest, Singapore which makes them the best to teach math in an interesting and proven way.
  • Our platform offers a one-to-one online learning facility so that every student could get sufficient attention and all their doubts are solved comprehensively.
  • The online math classes on our platform are personalised to your child’s needs so that your children are able to connect these math problems to the real world and eventually solve them.
  • While designing the exercises and curriculum it has been specially taken care that the curriculum is not overburdening the kids. We provide easy and fun exercises so that kids could enjoy solving problems and not feel pressurized.
  • It has been noticed that using the curriculum that we provide, most of the students have increased their problem-solving ability by three times, which proves the efficiency and effectiveness of our curriculum.
  • We provide the facility of free online learning classes as well so that before joining our program you could get a glance at what we do and how we do it. Also, you have a chance of your assessment as you interact with our experts during free class.
  • The program offered by us is quite pocket-friendly which is a bonus for the parents. We as a platform aim on nurturing your children’s math skills not on draining your pockets, hence the program offered by us are completely cost-effective.

 The learning journey of every kid is based on that kid’s needs. Our program is designed according to the precise needs of every child following the concept of minimum efforts for maximum output.