Tricks For Making Your iPhone Last Long By Phone Repair Shop in Ottawa


As an iPhone user, upgrading your iPhone ver year is very tempting. If you have iPhone 13, you are going to upgrade it to 14, anda if you have iPhone 14, you’re gonna upgrade it to 15 in the future. However, upgrading is not easy as it sounds. The newer models are highly expensive and require a great deal of budget before coming to a decision. Maybe some of you can easily buy the latest models, but many people try to maintain their phones so that they last long because they can’t afford an upgrade every year. If you maintain your phone, it will save you a lot of time, effort and money. You don’t have to be a technical person to follow all the tips and tricks. Mobile Doctor, a phone repair shop in Ottawa, has provided a few simple tricks to follow. Even if you do not know how to prolong the life of your phone, you can still follow these. Change your phone habits today and see it’s life-changing within days. No matter if you want to upgrade your phone or keep using it, implement these tricks and enjoy your phone to its fullest potential. 

Don’t let the Updates Skip.

If you want to extend the life span of your iPhone, it is necessary to update your phone whenever it’s available. Go to settings, download and install the updates. These updates have tons of benefits from improved security to enhanced performance and innovative features, you’ll be able to use the phone to its fullest. You can also turn on the app updates from the app store. Go to the app store and turn on the auto-update for all the apps. The apps must be compatible with your iOS software version. You can also set the software update on auto. Whenever an update will release, it will be automatically downloaded to your phone after two days. 

Improve the iPhone performance by Deleting apps.

iPhones have a tremendous amount of space in them, but it doesn’t mean you can download tremendous apps. Many people download apps they don’t even use. It is suggested by the phone repair shop to delete unwanted apps regularly to make your iPhone feel good and perform at its peak speed. Deleting or uninstalling is not difficult. You just have to long-press an app, it will show you the option to remove and uninstall it. Once you click it, the app will be gone. Such apps can become old with days and are responsible for temp, cache, malware, bugs and glitches. We’re sure you don’t want that. 

Get a Good Case

You must have heard about it a lot of times. Who doesn’t put a case on his phone? If you are an iPhone lover and you care about your phone, you must get a protective covering. It saves your phone from cracks, scratches, drops and unnecessary damage. Although, many people love to see its design and keep it as it is. We get it, but to protect a phone, a casing is significant. What’s the point of buying a phone when it is not protected well enough and it has a chance of breaking? You don’t have to spend too much money on a case and also don’t buy a bulky case, rather spend on a thin, slimmest case. It will keep your iPhone in a pristine condition as suggested by the cell phone repair shop. 

Keep the ports and screen clean.

You have implemented all the tricks to prolong the life of your phone, but still haven’t cleaned your screen and port. What if dust and debris enter your phone ports and damage them beyond repair? The ports and openings are sensitive. A small particle can damage your speakers and microphone. Therefore you must keep the screen and open clean regularly. If you suspect sticky debris indie your phone, get it out with the help of a toothpick. Be gentle and ensure that the connecting points are safe. You must keep wipes with you every time and clean the screen regularly. If your port is having some sort of problem, bring it to the phone repair shop and get it checked by them. 

Overheating and Overworking are bad for your iPhone.

This trick must not be new. Who doesn’t know that overheating and overworking puts a lot of strain on the iPhone’s processor and drain its battery? People overwork their phones a lot. They keep on working, studying and playing heavy games on their phones which causes the iPhones to overheat. Extreme temperatures are not good for your iPhone. Neither heat nor cold. Overheating can melt the tiny components inside your phone. Another thing you must keep in mind is that don’t let your battery drain to zero percent. It has a drastic effect on your phone. Keep it charged between 40-80% at all costs to prolong its life. If you suspect that the damage to your phone is beyond repair, take it to the phone repair shop in Ottawa and let them have a look. 

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