5 Must-Use Website Conversion Tools To Improve CRO


With the web as fiercely competitive, it’s more crucial than ever before to turn your visitors into subscribers or followers.

Naturally, in a perfect world, the possibility of a 100 percent conversion rate would make your site a total success.

But, it’s not possible to accomplish, however, there are a few things you can try to make the dreaded percentage just a bit.

In general, the percentages range from 1-3%. studies have revealed that people take just a few seconds to decide, and this suggests that there’s still a long way to go, which is the reason these guidelines are vital.

5 Popular Website Conversion Tools For Businesses

1. Unbounce

Unbounce is an amazing website that lets you build an online landing page that is flexible and can be used on many different devices.

You can sign up and benefit from the benefits of a 30-day trial for free while you try to boost your conversion rate by creating a new and effective landing page from a collection of templates.

With over a hundred templates in total and more than 80 mobile-friendly designs, There is certain to find a design that fits your preferences and will draw visitors who will be interested in staying for the long haul.

Additionally, it also permits users to connect to various important conversion tools as well in social media sites, which means that you access all the tools together, all striving towards the ultimate goal of increasing the conversion rate. In addition, you can try out your ideas using a divided screen of A/B to determine which ones work and which don’t.

2. ConvertPlus

Conversion plugins are renowned for their effectiveness and value for websites. However, they’re also well-known as expensive.

All of this is getting ready to change as ConvertPlus is beginning to gain traction on the market.

Other plugins that fall into this category comprise OptinMonster and SumoMe which cost $199 for the year and $100 a month and $100 per month respectively. ConvertPlus costs a one-time cost of $23 however it still offers numerous of the same great features.

With the capability to add information bars (top and bottom) as well as modal pop-ups, boxes that slide into and out, as well as ‘exit intent technology, ConvertPlus can cover you in all areas and can have you running in just a few minutes.

The plugin comes with stunning templates that you can modify for your site, making your site look professional and certain to boost your conversion rates immediately.

Alongside this and many other options In addition, you can benefit from modal analytics that will let you be aware of the things your visitors are doing, which means you will be able to know exactly what’s working where, and when.

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3. Hotjar

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to know exactly where your customers are clicking on an easy-to-read heat map?

The answer is right here, thanks to Hotjar.

You can download it for free and get many advantages in return.

Hotjar lets you see the locations where your visitors click and, possibly more importantly, what your visitors aren’t.

This could be useful information if you want to boost your conversion rates since you must be aware of what your visitors prefer and don’t like, as well as what they’re drawn to on your site.

For instance, if notice that the most crucial component of the website (the registration form) isn’t getting any attention You’ll want to think about making it more noticeable or relocate it to the most prominent location!

4. User Testing

It is sometimes helpful to have other users accessing your website, but if you’re spending all day working on it, it is easy to overlook obvious mistakes. User testing, which was first introduced about 4-5 years ago is a program for free and will benefit your website once you’ve signed up.

It’s as simple as that A participant will take a video of their screen and voice as they navigate your site and click the different hyperlinks.

By observing what they look at and taking note of What you collect is valuable as the fact that they will be the ones who will use your website after it is completed.

A lot of the “participants” frequently do this and if they observe something they believe should be altered, they are usually right.

5. Five Second Test

The site Five Second Test is based on an original concept that could assist your site to grow.

As the name suggests viewers will see the homepage screen in five seconds. after which the user will be prompted to answer a variety of questions about what they’ve observed and retained.

The idea that is cost-free for just 20 responses is highly useful because if users are not using a vital aspect of your website you’ll have to alter your website to make it more prominent to improve the conversion rate.

This site lets you collect several responses, however, the test can be applied to your family and friends, or anyone else you know who isn’t familiar with the site.

Increasing your conversion rate is typically a difficult task however, with these easy strategies and powerful tools, you’ll be able to have an impactful change in your business within a short amount of time.

The sky is truly the limit once you create the perfect website that will allow visitors to stay longer than two or one minute.

It is essential to regularly test your website to ensure that all links function in the way they should and to fix any mistakes since visitors can immediately leave if you click on the wrong link or find numerous spelling errors.

Here are the recommended tools startups should seek out to increase conversion and usability:

  • Intercom.io – a Customer Communication platform
  • GetSitecontrol – Visitors engagement tool
  • Lead pages to create – landing pages in a matter of minutes
  • PushEngage – Web browser-based push notifications

So long as you can remain focused and listen to feedback These tools can help in boosting your conversion rate over the average and even more remarkable.

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