What do you think of Benithem and how could it benefit your life?

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Benithem.com is a worldwide brand that specializes in combining quality craftsmanship with current innovation to create contemporary seating solutions for corporate offices or even work spaces. Founded in 1999, Benithem Sdn Bhd’s group of creators, experts, and client service personnel are focused on making superior grade, cutting edge plans that use deductively ergonomic standards in our meeting, leadership, administrative, and task seating products. Quality seating arrangements are our focus, with an emphasis on mid- to top-of-the-line project/contract office furniture. In Johor Bahru, Malaysia, benithem.com has extended operations to its 120,000 square feet office and is connected to major ports and airports. The accomplished tasks group deals with a wide network of deals dispersed in Malaysia, South East Asia, and the Middle East, with plans for future development.

With our own assembling facility that produces originator seats, chief office seats, corporate parlors, and other office furniture, we pride ourselves on being a leading office furniture organization. To increase solace and efficiency for individuals all over the world, we plan and create ergonomic items that find the best fit between client, hardware, and their current circumstances.

As a pioneer in the Malaysian office furniture industry, we have developed the organization from a global perspective. Benithem® office seats are guaranteed by BIFMA Standard through outsider confirmed bodies, such as the TUV/PSB and FIRA.

Additionally, Benithem® holds ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certifications our whole situation and documentation keep global quality control guidelines for effective control and records.

Would Benithem® seats work for you?

The average office worker spends seven to eight hours daily sitting at their work area on a typical day. The Covid-19 pandemic is causing many people to telecommute (WFH), which means the average time spent on the job is probably higher than eight hours a day! You’re putting your body under a tremendous amount of pressure if you’re plonking down for such countless hours without any backing or legitimate stance. 

As a result, most office laborers have trouble carving out a work opportunity, and get almost no actual work at work on a regular basis. To save time and accomplish more work, some people eat at the work area, saving them time and allowing them to accomplish more work. It’s no big surprise that at the end of the day, numerous specialists are left profoundly exhausted and focused fat. The Benithem® brand has earned a reputation for providing high-quality, ergonomic office chairs in Malaysia and Singapore. The majority of our items are traded worldwide, and we’ve been awarded numerous international honors over the years. In the context of the workplace laborer, how could Benithem® seats help? We offer ergonomic office seats that are profoundly customizable for practically anyone regardless of their height, weight, or size.

Ergonomic seats and furniture may be familiar to you, but what exactly is ergonomics?

Ergonomics consists of five elements: wellbeing, comfort, usability, execution, and feel. A real study of ergonomics exists, but in layman’s terms, it can be defined as something that you can use normally and effectively without too much though

 Benithem® stand out from the rest?nomic office seats?

The Benithem® top-notch office chair has been painstakingly designed from the beginning to provide the best stance for extended periods of time. We test materials and textures for comfort, support, breathability, durability, and feel before making a decision. It is also mimicked in terms of how the client might use it on a typical business day, and many models come with the option of changing multiple settings, for example, arm support, backrest level and slant, seat sliding on top of neck, body, back, and lumbar support. For the greatest comfort and support, the client can customize their seat by the end of the day.

A comfortable ergonomic seat can assist you in feeling your best at work, performing at your optimal capacity, decreasing pressure, and generally speaking feeling sluggish by the end of the day.

Can a decent quality office seat like Benithem® really make a difference in your life?

There is no doubt that an ergonomic seat that offers adequate support for the ideal stance will reduce the odds of numerous medical conditions for your spine, back, and neck in the long run. A bad stance can also cause a number of confusions, including disturbed digestion, unpleasant rest, and cerebral pains. Avoid all of these potential medical problems later on by not holding back on your office seating. Take advantage of Benithem® ergonomic office seats for a world of distinction.