What You Need to Know About Car Windscreens and Summer?

Car Windscreens

Hot car seats, two-shower days, and scorching heat waves—summers aren’t always easy to handle. Not only do we find it difficult, but our cars do as well, particularly the windscreens. You should expect your car’s windscreen to take a real beating in the summer. 

If the windscreen is already cracked or broken, the scorching sun and unbearable heat can make it worse. It is critical to protect your car’s windscreen from the damaging effects of summer since it is an important safety component.

Tips to Prevent Summer Windscreen Damage

Avoid Sudden Temperature Changes

Avoid extreme temperature changes to protect your windscreen. Do not turn on your car’s air-conditioner as soon as you enter because the abrupt temperature shift might produce stress fractures on your windscreen glass, even if it’s scorching outside. Also, it might worsen chipping and cracks.

During summer, let your car’s interior cool in the shade. To allow the windscreen to adjust to the temperature difference, switch on the AC at low first.

 To release heated air before turning on the AC, roll down the windows. As you turn on the AC, this prevents high-temperature differentials from damaging your car’s windscreen.

Watch Your Windscreen Washing

Avoid washing the windscreen in full sunlight or when it is still hot in the summer. Water that is cold touching a windscreen that is hot will make a quick, big difference in temperatures that will break the glass, especially if the windscreen already has chips or dings in it. 

To avoid damaging your car in Porland, it is best to wash it in the evening when the sun is lower, windshield repair portland or the temperature is cooler.

Park in the Shade

Long amounts of time spent parking your car in the sun can be very hard on the windscreen, especially if the glass is already broken. As a result, the best place to park your car is in a garage, basement, or covered area to keep it out of the full sun. This is better for your window.

 Additionally, putting your car in the shade will keep it cooler. So you won’t be as tempted to turn on the AC as soon as you get inside, which will also keep the temperature from dropping instantly.

Get a Car Windscreen Shade

A car windscreen shade is one of the best ways to make sure that your windscreen stays cool in the summer. You can keep your car window from getting too hot from the sun’s rays by using the windscreen shade. 

Having the ability to move around is another great thing about car windscreen shades. Every time you want, they’re easy to put over the window.

Take it Easy on the Door

If you slam the doors too hard, vibrations can reach your window through the car. Slamming your car doors can make cracks or chips in your windscreen get bigger. This is especially true in the summer when the windscreen is already weak from the heat.


Summer heat, pressure changes, and driving vibrations can magnify even the smallest damage, necessitating windscreen replacement. Summer windscreen damage can be prevented by examining for small chips or cracks. 

If your windscreen is damaged, get professional repairs or replacements right away. Get your windscreen repaired early to avoid the high price of replacement.