Why Magento is better Ecommerce solution?


E-Commerce, known as Electronic Commerce is an ever-evolving phenomenon. There are more than 100,000 websites in the United States alone that use the Magento platform. It secures the second position after WooCommerce when it comes to web development company in houston and other regions of the United States.

More importantly, almost 70% of the online buyers use mobile phones to place their order. Therefore, as an entrepreneur of an ecommerce online store, you cannot deny the power of Magento for ecommerce websites. There are alot of glaring and powerful statistics of facts and figures that prove power of the Magento ecosystem with increasing number of usages for online ecommerce stores. 

1. Open-Source Platform:

Magento, launched as an open-source project gives full control of your website. Where the source code can not only be modified but also the functionalities are flexible and customizable.   

The Magento Community Edition is free to use for basic websites which makes it cost-effective and if you are amazed by the rich experience of the platform, you can also switch to the Magento Enterprise Edition, which is available with plenty of advanced features ready to be deployed on the web. magento ecommerce developers can work on the website without restrictions, limitations but a ground to experiment their creativity. 

2. Supportive Community:

Over the last couple of years, Magento has now built a strong, supportive and superior developer community online with a lot of queries being answered. If a magento ecommerce developer faces any technical issue or even confused about the architecture on how to use Magento more effectively, the blog articles, tutorials and Q/A are available to help you excel in the world of Magento software development. The experienced and senior members of the Magento community, with years of experience in developing cutting edge Magento websites will always be there to support the novices in their technical difficulties. 

3. Mobile Friendly:

With the increasing number of mobile phones, users are now adopting to order products online using mobile phones in which they expect basic design and development functionalities that can make websites easy to order from a mobile screen. Mobile phone users have become the main audience of eCommerce business now and Magento Engineering always knew the importance of this fact.

As a result, all Magento based websites are powered with native mobile experiences, which means no matter the size of the device, these multi-responsive websites will always adapt perfectly to meet the requirements of the users and make it a smooth experience for online ecommerce stores.

4. Third-Party Integration:

Every eCommerce website requires multiple software integrations from payments gateways with multiple options, data analytics, database management, shipping update, tracking feature and the ability to integrate it without any hassle.

Magento makes it very easy to easily configure your website backend code, the integration of third party services in Magento is convenient with proper documentation to guide all the magento ecommerce developers.

5. User Experience:

Compared to the most of the eCommerce platforms, the user experience provided by Magento based websites stands out from the crowd because of its design enriched and easy to use design methodologies.

Magento based websites are not only multi-responsive but support multiple stores with different languages, easy navigation and flawless buying experience that increases the buying audience everyday. All these elements make the customer experience excellent and makes the customer browse more that ultimately leads to buying more products from your store.

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